July 22

Yua Mikami revealed the story of being rejected, “cold war” with her biological mother for being an 18+ actress


Yua Mikami’s family story was recently revealed by herself.

In the adult film industry in the country of cherry blossoms today, it is difficult to find a more famous name than Yua Mikami. Coming from an idol singer who did not have much success, she moved into the 18+ field and quickly became one of the most popular stars, not only in Japan but also all over Asia in current time.

Currently, Yua Mikami is extremely successful in all fields that she participates in. Not only topping the adult movie charts today, she also achieved considerable success in the singing field when participating in both Ebisu Muscats and Honey Popcorn. Not only that, she is also very busy with her own projects such as modeling, participating in TV shows or developing a personal fashion brand called Miyour’s.

On June 1, Yua Mikami bragged to fans about her 6th anniversary of entering the 18+ industry. At the age of 15, she is still a young idol when she is a member of the group SKE48 and can’t imagine that she will become the number 1 star in the adult movie industry like now.

In the middle of 2021, she just celebrated her 6th year in her 18+ acting career. This is quite a long time for many girls entering the AV industry, because not many girls can extend their career beyond 3 years. However, not only does Yua have twice that amount of time, but she is still at the top of the 18+ industry when consecutively winning many awards as well as winning the top positions on the charts. .

Recently, she has also shared and confided about work and family when participating in this particular profession. According to Yua, when she was an idol in the singing field, she had a conversation with her mother about this. Basically, her mother also knows that she is very passionate about being an idol and loves to sing, so she has no intention of objecting, even though she is not very interested.

However, switching to 18+ movies is a different story. At that time, Yua Mikami quietly signed up to act in films without saying a word to family or friends. About 2 hours after the movie was released, this girl born in 1993 called her mother and informed about the incident. As a person with a traditional personality, there was no way Yua’s mother would accept her. Both mother and son had fierce arguments, but it was too late.

After the incident, Yua’s mother asked her to immediately quit this job, but Yua refused. As a result, the mother and daughter had a cold war, and Yua also said that she also thought that the mother-daughter relationship was completely severed. Fortunately, after 3 months, Yua’s mother called her and the two talked again. She also said that although she does not support Yua, she also hopes that she will be happy.


Yua Mikami

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