July 21

Yua Mikami tells the story of 6 years of working, declaring that she is not worthy of the title of “top 1 beauty”.


In Yua Mikami’s eyes, there are still a lot of seniors and juniors who are better than her, so she doesn’t dare to take the 1st place.

In the adult film industry in the country of cherry blossoms today, it is difficult to find a more famous name than Yua Mikami. Coming from an idol singer who did not have much success, she moved into the 18+ field and quickly became one of the most popular stars, not only in Japan but also all over Asia in current time.

Currently, Yua Mikami is extremely successful in all fields that she participates in. Not only topping the adult movie charts today, she also achieved considerable success in the singing field when participating in both Ebisu Muscats and Honey Popcorn. Not only that, she is also very busy with her own projects such as modeling, participating in TV shows or developing a personal fashion brand called Miyour’s.

On June 1, Yua Mikami bragged to fans about her 6th anniversary of entering the 18+ industry. At the age of 15, she is still a young idol when she is a member of the group SKE48 and can’t imagine that she will become the number 1 star in the adult movie industry like now. To date, Yua has been present in about 70 different products and is still in the position of the leader.

When it comes to being considered the number one person in the AV industry, Yua humbly said that her “number one” title is a bit too much, because there are still a lot of seniors and juniors. quite prominent position. She is only really a pioneer in bringing something new compared to the rest. She herself also had to work very hard to achieve her position at the present time.

Yua said, she did not expect that the idol effect would bring such a great advantage to her when entering a new profession. In the eyes of everyone, she is not simply something new, but one of the most famous stars who dared to venture into the 18+ industry, which could cost her her entire career. However, looking back now, Yua realizes that her reckless decision at the time was right, even though she was very afraid that she would fail.

Currently, Yua feels fortunate that she has escaped from the shadow of her former self. Now, she feels that she is a free, active person and can do whatever she wants without being constrained. Therefore, she will bring the most amazing and unexpected things to her audience and fans.


Yua Mikami

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