July 21

Write a few lines of letters and then put them up for auction, 18+ peaches easily collect more than 1000$


Mao Hamasaki recently wrote a short letter and put it up for auction and the results surprised everyone.

A low-paid job – that’s what many people often think of when they are reminded of the Japanese AV actor profession. It’s not too wrong to say it, but it’s only really true for some “cheeky” or veteran names like Yua Mikami, Yui Hatano‚Ķ only. As for rookies or mid-tier girls in the industry, it’s really hard work as many have admitted. Even, to be able to “survive” in this industry, they also have to do many difficult scenes like what Mao Hamasaki – a name not too anonymous below has just admitted.

Mao Hamasaki, born in 1993, is one of the famous beauties of the Japanese adult film industry. She joined the industry in 2012 and is one of the most widely known names. She has a hot body with measurements of 85-59-84 cm and a sexy and youthful style, so she has a lot of fans. In addition, she is also known for other professions such as DJ or Youtuber. Surprisingly, few people know that Mao once entered the top 100 best DJs in Asia in 2019.

Despite being so multi-talented, Mao Hamasaki’s main job is still an 18+ actress, and she always confirms this in every interaction with the public and fans. Mao even likes to talk about his work whenever he has the opportunity to chat with others. Therefore, she is very popular with fans inside and outside Japan.
Most recently, an 18+ platform held a special event for fans. Accordingly, the actors will write a handwritten letter that will be auctioned. At first, many people thought that this event was nothing special, but it turned out to be incredibly popular. A series of handwritten letters have been sold, even collecting large amounts of money. The top on this list is none other than Mao Hamasaki, a sexy actress born in 1993. Her letter has been offered for sale for more than 100,000 yen.

At the moment, Mao Hamasaki is not acting too much due to the influence of the epidemic. However, the 18+ singer is still very popular when focusing on other directions in her career as a DJ, streamer and even a YouTuber. Of course, the content of Mao Hamasaki on YouTube channel still revolves around vlogs related to his sensitive profession and is well received by many people.


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