May 7

Why Shanks is respected by both the Pirates and the World Government


Hundreds of theories about why Shanks got his position have been put forward, and I have come up with many theories on this subject. So here’s my theory, about why Shanks is respected by the Pirates and the World Government.

1. The power of Shanks

His Yonko state comes from being insanely strong, like Big Mom, Kaido, Whitebeard, etc. Because of his strength, he is respected and respected by pirates. Furthermore Shanks has been implied to have the best crew out of all the current Yonko and he will surely be victorious in an all-out battle among all Yonko.

2. Considered the “gatekeeper”

Many have said that Shanks could be the gatekeeper for Laugh Tale, meaning he would hinder the pirates from accessing One Piece. My hypothesis is that Shanks has made a “deal” (I will explain the quotes below) with the World Government, saying that he will protect the One Piece found, and that is part of the photo. Where does his enjoyment come from.

3. Shanks is similar to Doflamingo

Furthermore, he resembles Doflamingo. While on board Roger’s ship, he learns about secrets of the World. And since he’s so strong, the World Government would rather have a partnership with him than hostile.

4. The Truth of the “Agreement”

This agreement with the World Government is not entirely correct. Shanks doesn’t do this to keep the treasure and protect the World Government. He does so to ensure that the treasure will be found by someone worthy, that is, our favorite rubber boy. And this the World Government does not know.



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