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Why is Thor in Record of Ragnarok considered stronger than Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


Many viewers commented that Thor in the Record of Ragnarok anime is better built than Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in this respect.

In the Record of Ragnarok anime, Zeus wanted to end his duel with the human representatives chosen by Brunhilde as soon as possible, so Zeus chose Thor as the first gladiator. With Thor as a gladiator in the opening match, Zeus wanted to create a fast-paced game, helping the gods win through only 7 matches. However, Thor was very surprised when his opponent was only Lu Bu – a famous Chinese general who was not very powerful.

Lu Bu fought the Norse god of thunder with only a lance carrying Valkyrie Randgriz’s soul, and it left Thor struggling to fight back. While the Record of Ragnarok anime did not achieve the expected success, audiences can still say that it does not affect the fact that the character Thor is much stronger than the version in the MCU, at least in the way this god fights. fight and know how to aim at the opponent’s head.

In Aengers: Infinity War, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) defeated Thanos in Wakanda. However, when he hurled the Stormbreaker ax at the Mad Titan, the blow was deflected to the villain’s shoulder. This detail was mocked by Thanos that Thor should aim for the head to finish the battle quickly and not give the opponent a chance to counterattack, instead of taking revenge. Thor later regretted it when Thanos had the opportunity to perform the classic snap that took away half of all life in the universe. This development caused Thor to feel guilty to the point of having an eating disorder.

In contrast, in Record of Ragnarok, Thor, although quite arrogant, did not take Lu Bu lightly when he realized that this famous general’s weapon could take his life. The climax is when the god uses his iconic hammer throw, creating an electromagnetic storm towards the opponent. This time, Thor uses the strongest version of Geirrod. Lu Bu had broken his leg in battle, but was still able to ride on his steed Red Rabbit, rushing to strike the final blow. Lu Bu had an opening in his attack, and Thor quickly seized the opportunity to end the fight.

At that time, Lu Bu lost an arm after the explosion. Thor used his mouth to tear off his other arm to prove that he took the battle seriously and didn’t underestimate his opponent. However, when Lu Bu spurred his horse forward once more, Thor used his hammer to finish off Lu Bu, with a twist of his head, beheading the general.

This scene is considered quite shocking, bloody, violent and terrified Lu Bu’s supporters in the arena as well as Zeus. Apparently this attack was methodical, calculated, and uncompromisingly complete with the aim of removing Lu Bu from the ring. Thor didn’t want to risk giving Brunhilde any chance to help Lu Bu increase his strength. And with this character building, it is clear that Thor in Record of Ragnarok has surpassed the version in the MCU, the thunder god does not know how to joke and show respect for the famous Chinese general with a battle. fierce.


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