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Why is Hibiki Otsuki considered the most successful 18+ beauties in cherry blossom country?


Unappreciated, Hibiki Otsuki became one of the successful names thanks to his own perseverance after many years of working in the 18+ profession.

Hibiki Otsuki is one of the famous names in the Japanese adult film industry in recent years. In 2016, she won the best actress award at the Fanza Adult Award – an award known as the Oscar of adult films. This makes people know the actress born in 1988 more than before.

In real life, Hibiki Otsuki is a close friend of Yui Hatano, another famous adult film actress. The two were named the closest sisters in the AV village and won a lot of fans’ hearts thanks to this factor.

Not a very famous name in the 18+ industry, but Hibiki Otsuki is one of the famous names in the industry, so it’s no wonder that she has a lot of fans. Every time Hibiki appears on Youtube, she attracts a large number of fans to follow her because of her cheerful personality and especially the stories surrounding her profession.

Currently, Hibiki Otsuki is one of the famous names in the 18+ film industry, but few people know that she has failed a lot to be able to achieve today’s success. Hibiki started his career in July 2008 as an amateur actor.

Compared to the soon-to-be famous Yui Hatano, Hibiki has a much more “alum” beginning. She is not appreciated, simply like thousands of other girls, acting in 18+ movies just to make quick money and disappear. This makes many people do not know and do not remember who she is, even though Hibiki has appeared in many different products.

Hibiki herself also said that this was the time when she lost the most faith in life. She was not good at sex, nor had any money or fame. After a few years of operation, she lost faith to the point of intending to retire. However, thanks to a number of loyal fans encouraging her, she returned and continued the 18+ path.

Gradually, success also began to find Hibiki. It was only after a few years that she began to receive film offers from major studios like SOD or Moodyz. She is considered by the directors as trying very hard, learning hard and not afraid to experiment, so she is favored by many 18+ studios.

In addition, the change in appearance has helped Hibiki become more popular with the public. Shaking off her somewhat sassy appearance with blonde hair, she changed her makeup and hairstyle to bring more old colors and more fans.

After 6 years of continuous work, Hibiki Otsuki was awarded her first career award in 2014. By 2016, she had received the biggest award in the AV industry – the Fanza Adult Award. She is considered a “model” for trying and persevering at work and achieving sweet results later.


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