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Why did Goten become able to become a Super Saiyan so easily?


Goten boy can become a Super Saiyan easily is what many people wonder.

Goten is one of the next generation characters of the Dragon Ball series. Along with Trunks, this boy brought some interesting battles and humorous situations in the series by author Akira Toriyama. However, what makes many people wonder is that Goten is quite strong, especially that he can even become a Super Saiyan as soon as he is introduced in just the first few chapters.

Goten obviously has never experienced the same difficulties as Goku and Gohan, yet this boy can fortify and become a Super Saiyan as easy as eating candy. That moment made not only Gohan, but also many Dragon Ball fans confused. So why did Goten make it so easy?

According to the author Akira Toriyama, in fact this is for a reason, not that he likes to create random compositions like that. Of course, Goten had a talent for fighting, but it was only the necessary but not the sufficient.

The main reason why Goten was able to become Super Saiyan so quickly was because he possessed S-Cells, the microscopic cells that reside in the Saiyans’ bodies. In order to have a large number of S cells, the best way is to have “a holy spirit”, a standard that is extremely suitable for a person born and cared for in “peace” like Goten.

Except for Goten’s rather paradoxical case, most people of the Saiyan race are extremely bellicose, and perhaps that’s why there hasn’t been a Super Saiyan for a long time. However, not simply having an honest spirit, but the combat ability must also be high. It takes real effort, they can become Super Saiyans. This is quite correct if we put into the case of previous characters like Goku, Vegeta.

However, for many readers, the reason Akira Toriyama used the reason S-Cell is still not very reasonable. Obviously Gohan also inherited the S Cell and is Goku’s first child, but why does it take him so long to become a Super Saiyan?

Another case that can be posed is that the genetic inheritance of the later hybrid Saiyans makes these crosses stronger. In addition to Gohan, Goten or Trunks, we can mention the case of little girl Pan. From an early age, this girl possessed the ability to fly, which is clear that it took Goku a lot of time to adventure and practice to achieve. Both Goten, Trunks and Pan did not train at high intensity, but their father and grandfather, but they still possessed quite strong abilities.


Goten, Super Saiyan

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