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Which 18+ beauties have had trouble with fans on social media?


Feeling uncomfortable with social networks, these beauties have refused to use them to interact with fans.

1. Shoko Takahashi

Besides many other 18+ movie actors, Shoko Takahashi is one of the most popular stars in the adult film industry at the moment. Before becoming an adult film actor, Shoko Takahashi was one of the famous female gravure models in the land of cherry blossoms.

Shoko Takahashi’s modeling career wasn’t going very well back then, girl. The beauty born in 1993 shared that her income at that time was quite limited and not enough to cover living expenses. After facing a personal scandal, Shoko decided to venture into the adult film industry and had unexpected success.

She was once known as the savior of the AV industry, but the girl born in 1993 was despised and bullied during the first time she went to a new job. The reason for this was that she was involved in a scandalous sex-for-money scandal. This led to netizens harassing Takasho at the time, which took her a while to get used to and come out of.

2. Makoto Toda

Makoto Toda, born in 1996, aka Makorin is one of the biggest talents of Soft on Demand. Only appearing for 2 years but having achieved a series of successes in the 18+ industry, she is considered a new star of SOD.

In 2019, she won the best actress award at the Adult Broadcasting Awards, and even called the successor Mana Sakura – SOD’s most popular actress at that time. In real life, the girl born in 1996 used to write a lot of movie reviews and even started working as a screenwriter – director.

However, being famous as an 18+ profession made Makoto is also violently harassed. Many comments on social networks say that she has received great favor from SOD, she is a hypocrite and deceives viewers. This Makoto to backlash and post a very long blog post, talking about how she was not born to please everyone and will live for herself only. Since then, Makoto Toda never used Twitter again.

3. Momo Sakura

Sakura Momo is one of the most prominent human movie angels in the recent generation of adult film actresses. Possessing an innocent face and fiery body, Momo quickly became one of the most noticed names at Idea Pocket studio.

In 2018, this 1996-born beauty even won the best adult film rookie award at the “Japanese Adult Film Oscar” – Fanza Adult Award. However, Sakura Momo herself doesn’t seem too interested in fame and popularity.

Like Shoko Takashi and Makoto Toda, Momo Sakura is also a successful girl in the AV industry. The common point of all 3 is that they have won the throne at major awards, and another common point is the story of the market. After taking the throne at DMM 2018, Momo has been exposed to personal information about her life and personal life. In addition, there is also “evidence” that Momo has a boyfriend and is living with this person.

Although not as public as Makoto, Momo also erased her identity to the fullest extent on social networks. In an interview, Momo even admitted that her accounts are all used by her manager, while she avoids social media and lives a life without fans.


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