August 9

Used to be “best friends”, two 18+ beauties “comparable” are not regretful because of the queen.


Minami Aizawa and Moe Amatsuka’s relationship is no longer good because of the most prestigious position in the AV industry.

Aizawa Minami was born in 1996, this year is only 22 years old, but has quickly reached the top of the most popular actors in the 18+ film industry at the moment. She started her career in 2016, highly appreciated for her beautiful beauty and captivating expressions. Unlike many other actors, Minami had a lot of trouble with her family, even once intended to retire, but in the end she still returned to this particular profession.

Aizawa Minami’s achievement is the crowning at the “Adult Film Oscar” – Fanza Adult Award 2019. She defeated Moe Amatsuka, who is considered the “angel” of the AV industry to take the top one. very unexpected way. After the award ceremony took place, there were many speculations regarding these two “special” girls of the 18+ industry.

Before the Fanza Adult Award 2019, Moe was considered the best candidate. In 2018, Moe won the Adult Broadcasting Awards in the category of best female lead. The highest position in the FAA means having the 4 most important titles of the AV industry (Best Rookie – Best Female Lead).

➡ The rest of Moe’s opponents are not very strong: Tsukasa Aoi limited her promotion on social networks after her scandal, Nene Yoshitaka exploded and sprayed, Sora Shiina was nominated 3 times but always brought back a belt, SOD with Ichikawa Masami never had a top prize at Fanza.

➡ Winning at Fanza Adult Award will mark S1’s crowning 3 times in a row. Yua Mikami successfully completed the task in 2017, Arina Hashimoto created a miracle when she defeated Takasho in 2018. The crown at FAA also puts Moe on par with the other 2 divas at S1.

➡ Moe wears a white bridal gown, which is rather odd, but it’s like a sign that she strongly believes she will play the lead role at the 2019 FAA Awards.

➡ Losing the award made viewers never forget Moe’s piercing face when Minami was still speaking on stage. Of course, it is impossible to sulky out, but until now, few people will still forget her strange expression.

➡ That night, Moe livestreamed and got mad. After losing, stop talking, but the “angel” got angry after being criticized for her “disrespectful” attitude during Minya’s speech.

After winning the prize, Minami’s manager wrote a letter about Cinderella’s miracle. In it, he alluded to Moe being favored a lot, and how badly Minami’s side had to go to race in the FAA 2019.

➡ At the Taipei Red Expo 2020, Moe and Minami appeared together and took a friendly photo together behind the scenes, making many people think that the tension between the two girls has been eliminated/nothing at all.

➡ In Minya’s recent autobiography, it’s not clear whether it was intentional or unintentional, but Minami suggested that Tsukasa Aoi, Sakura Miura and Nene Yoshitaka were her real opponents at that year’s awards, completely without a sentence. no mention of Moe.


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