July 22

Unrealistic things that appear often in the game


There is no real-world logic that can account for this and obviously can only be done in-game.

1. Car runs to death without refueling

Driving a car in real life is like in the game, everything is quite easy, because you will never need to refuel. Just sitting in front of the steering wheel or steering wheel, you can climb into the car and go thousands of kilometers without refueling.

But it must also be recognized that if you are driving on duty but unfortunately run out of gas, and surrounded by empty fields, you only have 2 choices: push the car to the nearest gas station, or wade. Walk to where you need to go. In addition, there is another element that is wrong in the shooter game is that shooting the car’s gas tank does not cause it to explode. You need to have a special ammo to create sparks when hit, then it explodes.

  1. Female characters always dress poorly

This seems to be an unchangeable thing in video games. The girls in real life, no matter how strong they are, equip themselves with costumes that protect the weak points of their bodies. But in the game, this seems to be the opposite. The girls will have to dress as revealingly as possible, even the finest armor offers less protection and perhaps even more bikini than armor.

  1. Spectators are just for fun

In real life, spectators are the most important part of any sporting event. However, the audience is the least programmed thing in sports titles. Indeed, the audience in the game kept an expressionless expression just like the beginning. Even the movement of the characters is very illogical and dances and dances the same old gestures, or the other group just stares into the distance, generally looking very confusing.

In essence, this is something that is understandable for developers. Handling thousands of people cheering for the team will only cause difficulties for both the game maker and the player’s PC, so just as it is now is also a solution that must be accepted, although it still makes gamers complain all day. .

  1. How can you hide forever?

Play shooting games – go to the scene, the manufacturer will give you shelter anyway. This hiding helps gamers to recover and take advantage of observing the surrounding situation to see where the enemy is at to be able to counterattack. Those hiding places would be behind walls, tables, cabinets, cars, and so on. However, in real life, those hiding places don’t give you much protection.

Ironically, guns in the game can’t be compared to real life. The gun can completely pierce the surface of the walls and contain obstacles, if there are bullets with strong destructive power. It can completely make you affected by damage caused by the environment itself. In addition, some games still have destructible hiding places, but that’s not enough to call it realistic.


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