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Unknown things about Yui Hatano, 18+ queen of cherry blossom country


There is a lot of excitement surrounding Yui Hatano, who is considered the queen of the 18+ industry in the country of cherry blossoms.

Yui Hatano is one of the most famous and veteran stars of the Japanese adult film industry at the moment. After other big names like Akiho Yoshizawa, Sora Aoi or Aino Kishi have retired, the mass audience seems to only know the name of Yui Hatano, an actress who has been in the industry since 2009.

If most of the names of the same era have retired, Yui Hatano is still “clinging” to the profession until now. Even, she is still really a hit name and even entered the top 5 of the most popular names on the 18+ actor chart in 2020. May 24th is her birthday, and let’s go. Let’s review the interesting things that you do not know about the “queen” of the 18+ Japanese industry.

  1. Yui Hatano once “enthroned” in 2014

Once a year, the Japanese adult film entertainment industry holds an award ceremony for the best film works and actors. At the 2014 Adult Broadcasting Awards, Yui Hatano was officially recognized when she won the best actress award. This is her first achievement in the field of 18+ after 6 years in the profession, since 2008. In 2018, she was honored again at the Adult Broadcasting Awards when she won the award for most outstanding actress on a paid television channel.

  1. Filmed 18+ to 27 days in 1 month

At the age of 19, Yui Hatano started to follow the 18+ acting career. The early stage of Yui Hatano’s adult film career was quite smooth and successful. Even, she quickly became famous throughout Asia thanks to her similar face to Lam Chi Linh – a famous Taiwanese beauty at that time.

Despite having a successful career, she was still struggling because at that time she had to support her boyfriend in the same house. All food, house, living expenses, … all are paid by the actress born in 1988. In particular, there was a period of time when she had to work continuously, 30 days of filming to 27 days a month to earn money, only 3 days to rest due to coincident with her menstrual period. This story lasted for 3 years, Yui Hatano finally had to choose a divorce solution because he was too tired.

  1. Been involved in many rumors of “sex”

With a famous 18+ star over the past 10 years like Yui Hatano, there have been many one-night stand offers for her. In an interview, the actress born in 1988 shared that she once accepted an invitation to NT$2.3 million to travel with an unnamed Taiwanese giant. Of course, this invitation was also declined.

By 2021, even in the midst of the epidemic, she was still involved in many false rumors. Most recently, the Japanese adult film queen was rumored to have a back-and-forth relationship with an unnamed giant in Taiwan for a price of NT$600,000.

Hatano’s representative said that this is a false rumor posted by bad guys on social networks, affecting the image of the 32-year-old actress. This person also added that Yui Hatano currently does not have a schedule to work abroad. The Hong Kong press later also denied this information and said that this was a malicious rumor of those who spread rumors about Yui Hatano.

  1. Ever hinted at becoming a streamer

Like many others, Yui Hatano also has a huge interest in gaming. Accordingly, her gaming corner is quite comfortable and spacious, in which there are many toys, statues, stuffed animals and comics. Most importantly, she owns many different game consoles, including Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation VR and countless other toys. Having said that, Yui’s love for the game is not small at all.

Before that, she showed off her new PC rig – very prominent and impressive like a real gamer. Yui is equipped with 2 screens, a mechanical keyboard, a headset and especially a microphone. Many people speculate that she will soon stream games and interact with fans. However, up to now, this intention is still open because Yui Hatano still has no intention of changing jobs.


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