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Unknown things about Troll, the cunning monster in Norse mythology


Trolls originate from ancient Norse and Viking myths, they are mentioned in the Edda prose collection – an ancient work of Norse culture.

Where does the definition of Troll come from?

According to Norse mythology, Trolls are humanoid demons that live deep in the wilderness. They have a weird or cute appearance, but they are not friendly at all. Most humans avoid them to avoid a nasty ending.

In cultural documents, Troll is most mentioned in the Edda prose collection – an ancient work on Norse culture. Later on, Trolls were mainly defined as beings with magic from nature and used to harass people.

The form of a troll

Scandinavian folklore refers to two main types of Trolls, the jotnar (giant) and the huldrefolk (tiny). Accordingly, Jotnar is described with many characteristics similar to the ancient Norse ice giants and has superhuman strength.

Normally, Jotnar is taller than a man and has a rough, intimidating appearance. In particular, there are jontar species that are even so large and rugged that plants can grow roots on their skin. The ugliest jotnar has only one eye.

In contrast to the jotnar, the huldrefolk is more agreeable and akin to a human. It is even difficult to distinguish them from humans, if you do not notice the “mysterious” tails hidden under their clothes.

Traits of trolls

Although like humans, trolls have never escaped their demonic characteristics, they always live hidden in caves or murky forests, where few people go. Sometimes, they also gather together into a small community and choose the strongest individual to be the leader.

Besides, they are also very hostile to religion. Legend has it that the thunder of Thor and then the sound of church bells caused them to flee. Trolls often attack wandering believers, kidnap unbaptized children or vandalize churches when given the opportunity.

Although they can hunt or farm, most Trolls choose cruel behaviors such as looting, cannibalism or raping beautiful women. The most aggressive ones can enter the village to wreak havoc and is a terrifying nightmare for mankind.

The mischievousness of trolls

With more intelligence than other monsters, Trolls can do extraordinary things. They also possess special physical powers, such as uprooting trees to use as weapons or throwing stones instead of arrows. Even individuals possessing magic can create thunderstorms and avalanches.

The little ones go even further than their big brethren, thanks to their cunning minds. They can use magic to trick men, lure them to desolate places, and then kill people. In addition, this species also has a few minor spells that make people lose sleep, lose time, see illusions that make people stay away.


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