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Unknown things about the three-headed demon dog, the legendary creature guarding the gates of hell


Cerberus, Fenrir, Helhoundā€¦ each culture has its own name – dogs from hell.

In Greek mythology, Cerberus was an extremely ferocious three-headed dog monster who guarded the gates of hell. The reason Cerberus has 3 heads is because each head represents the past, present and future. However, other cultures also have their own names like Fenrir or Helhound. So what do they all have in common, and why do they appear in so many cultures?

Hell Dogs – Creatures of the Night

Devil dogs, or hell dogs, are monsters shaped like dogs. Usually they are the animals that guard the gate to the afterlife, or follow the shadow of the dying.

Hell dogs have different looks from region to region. Often people describe them as having sharper teeth than normal dogs, their bodies can be as big as a horse or bear. Their fur is as black as coal, their eyes are as red as fire, there are legends about three-headed hell dogs like Cerberus, or even more.

Demon dogs only attack when necessary

Despite their fierce, fearsome appearance, most hell dogs do not attack humans indiscriminately, even if they want to defeat or kill them, they will just walk away and disappear into the night.

In some stories, hell dogs are mighty animals, guarding the gates to hell or treasure. The hell dogs guarding the door will not be like those wandering on the ground, they are ready to fight anyone who wants to make a war.

There are hell dogs even gentler, they follow to protect women walking alone in the night, or souls lost in the dark, showing them the way to the underworld.

Amazing power

This creature from hell has plenty of supernatural powers to terrify enemies. They can run many times faster than normal predators, more resilient and stronger. Hell dogs are also masters of hiding. They can appear in the form of mist, transform into various animals, and even disappear into mid-air.

Legends often associate the image of hell dogs with flames: wherever they walk, their hooves leave a mark of fire in the ground; sometimes both eyes and body are on fire.

There are also some cases, hell dogs become invisible to the eyes of ordinary people. They attack with claws and sharp fangs, tearing victims to death.

Henchmen of the devil

Because of its origin from hell, many people believe that demon dogs are the minions of the devil. In the Middle Ages, black animals – even dogs, could be considered “slaves” of witches commanded by the devil, or devils in disguise. That’s why people hate black dogs.

Legend has it that, if you sign a contract to sell your soul to the devil, when the contract is over, the demon dogs will be released to the surface, kill the person and bring their soul to hell. for the devil.


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