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Unknown things about Basilisk, a monster that slaughters humanity with just a look


Those are terrifying mythical monsters with special abilities, making people confused and scared.

In the mythical world of monsters, the basilisk is a monster as scary and dangerous as a chimera. It is born from toad eggs or python eggs incubated by a young rooster. When it hatches, it has an extremely aggressive half-bird, half-snake shape. So in ancient legends, Basilisk was considered a monster that was fierce and scary to humans.

Features of the species basilisk

Originally a mixture of rooster, snake, and dragon, Basilisk looked very strange. It is described as having a rooster’s head, feathers, but legs. The dragon’s wings sprouted from the shoulder and accompanied by a long zigzag tail. However, it is described that the body size is usually very small.

In the legends from ancient England, Basilisk was described as a giant snake without a chicken head or wings. It has an unusual way of moving and crawls forward with the front half of its body reaching high above the ground.

The terrifying power of Basilisk

Legends have it that Basilisk can kill or injure a man in five different ways.

Basilisk’s most famous murder weapon is the look. In stories and myths from many different cultures, Basilisk’s gaze is described as instantly killing people. This once appeared in the famous Harry Potter series, when it killed many witches at Hogwarts.

Basilisk also possesses deadly venom from a distance of a meter. An old story says that when a warrior dipped a spear in Basilisk’s venom, the spear could kill any person or animal it touched.

Basilisk’s third weapon is his breath. Although no one is sure if Basilisk can make fire or not, its terrible breath is capable of withering trees and disabling people. Even without coming into contact with the monster’s breath, venom, or deadly gaze, humans could still be killed by the hiss. The Basilisk has its half-human, half-bird, half-reptile hiss.

The characteristic of Basilisk species is that they love to eat people. Everywhere the monster passed, the birds were burned by its terrible breath and its evil spirit if it got too close, and the snakes ran away.

Basilisk’s natural enemy

It is best to avoid encountering Basilisk, but if you must confront them, do not forget to take advantage of their weaknesses. Every animal has its natural enemies, and Basilisk is no exception. Its natural enemies are weasels and roosters. Weasel is completely immune to Basilisk’s gaze, and with venom, weasels can also overcome it easily if treated in time. That is why in mythology, basilisk hunters are often told to throw a weasel at it. In addition, the sound of the rooster can also turn the monster to ash.


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