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An Italian team Fiorentina’s match was interrupted by mysterious guests hovering above the stadium. This is one of many times that unidentified flying objects have been spotted across Europe. So far, they are still completely unsolved mysteries.

This event happened in Florence – Italy on October 27, 1954. At that time about 10 thousand people were in the stadium Artemio Franchi witnessing the confrontation between Fiorentina and Pistoiese. All those present witnessed the sudden appearance of unidentified flying objects in the sky above the stadium.

Strange flying objects appeared in the middle of a football match between two Italian clubs (Artwork)

According to the match referee, the two teams had to temporarily stop playing because strange objects appeared in the sky.

“I clearly remember seeing this incredible sight. They are shaped like a Cuban cigar, move very quickly and then stop, all lasting only a few minutes. The stadium quickly fell silent as the players and fans froze, staring at these strange objects in the blue autumn sky.” – Fiorentina Gigi Boni, a spectator present at the stadium yard that year told.

The players silently watched the object flying above their heads

One of the players present in that match, defender Ardico Magnini, a club legend and Italy national at the 1954 World Cup, added:

“I remember everything from start to finish. Something that looked like an egg was moving very slowly. People were looking up and there were also some glittering lights coming down from the sky, silver lights glittering. We were amazed, we have never seen anything like it before. We were completely shocked.” He also remembered that there was a strange sticky and shiny substance that fell on the ground.

Some other witnesses also reported the presence of not one but many strange objects in the sky. In the following days, more UFO sightings were recorded in towns near the stadium. That unidentified substance not only fell on the field, but it covered a large part of Florence before evaporating. People who come into contact with the material describe it as being similar to cotton but quickly disintegrating when they touch it.

This is considered one of the most famous UFO events of the 20th century

A rare but seemingly scientific explanation for this phenomenon emerged years later: it could be large spider webs, appearing in the sky like spheres, shining by reflections. of the Sun. That’s how spiders migrate, and October also coincides with the migration of northern hemisphere spiders.

However, the substance found at the time of the UFO’s appearance did not match those of the spider’s web. Therefore, to this day, what spectators and players saw floating in the sky of the Artemio Franchi stadium remains a complete mystery and this event is also entered in the history books as one of the most memorable. The most famous UFO case in history.



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