May 29

Top 18+ young beauties possessing charming beauty (P.1)


Not only do viewers fall in love with their hot curves, but these beauties also have beautiful smiles.

  1. Yume Nishimiya

Yume Nishimiya, born in 1996. entered the 18+ film industry in early 2016. She is one of the impressive names of IdeaPocket studio, when she joined the studio with the same generation of AV actresses born in 1996. beside Momo Sakura, Kana Momonogi, Minami Aizawa…

Unlike her colleagues, Yume made a not-so-strong initial impression, but the audience “was enthralled” by her lovely smile. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand that when she attracts a large number of fans just from her charming smile and cute crooked teeth.

2. Yume Nikaidou

Yume Nikaidou was born in 1999, joined the 18+ film industry in early 2020. Although she has just joined, she has made a very strong impression by her beautiful beauty and slim body. what a model. Therefore, she quickly gained a large number of fans even though she had only joined the adult film industry for less than a year.

Although she has just entered the entertainment industry, she is very much noticed by her cheerful personality. Yume herself is also a person who often plays Tiktok and posts her moments on social networks during social isolation. Therefore, she is loved even more.

3. Yui Shirasaka

Yui Shirasaka was born in 2000, entered the entertainment industry in January 2020 as an adult film actress. She is one of the youngest people to enter this field when entering the field of 18+ while still at the age of 19.

Right from the moment she joined, she has been equally impressed with her seniors by her eye-catching beauty. Possessing a small body with a height of 1m56, but she has very impressive measurements like the top models 86 – 58 – 88. Therefore, Yui was quickly listed by many fans. The new generation of beauties of the 18+ film industry.

In real life, Yui Shirasaka is known as a lover of detective stories and a big fan of famous Japanese writers such as Suehiro Maruo, Ranpo Edogawa and Hisaku Yumeno. In addition, she is also an extremely fond of tea and sweets. Whenever she has time, Yui takes time to enjoy tea and cakes at famous shops in Tokyo.


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