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Top 5 strenuous roles of “beautiful sister” Angelina Jolie, from parachute rescue to grave theft


Let’s take a look at the roles of the female star Angelina Jolie!

Famous as a female on the screen for more than 20 years, Angelina Jolie has added to her acting legacy with impressive projects. Possessing a fiery beauty, Jolie is still ready to roll around in many harsh scenarios. This summer, fans have the opportunity to welcome the return of the beauty in a “sweaty” project called The Cursed Me Dead (original title: Those Who Wish Me Dead). On this occasion, let’s take a look at the career of the female star with her hard-to-life roles, from spy to grave robbery.

  1. The role of tomb thief in Tomb Raider: accept to give up the rebellious past to become a prostitute

Jolie’s impulsive youth turned out to be a plus for the process of choosing her to play the female tomb thief Lara Croft. However, that is what Tomb Raider production crew thought, and Jolie did not know. The 24-year-old actress just won an Oscar for the movie Girl, Interrupted, but was labeled by the media as “a lot of talents” because of her rebellious actions.

Angelina Jolie’s fiery body in Tomb Raider.

She really wants to get the role but at the same time is aware that her image (carrying cutlery on her body, hurting herself, trying all kinds of drugs …) is everyone knows. Fear of her own scandal affecting the audition results, Angie asserted that no matter what I had to do, even “I have to do a daily blood and urine test”. Angelina Jolie’s determination and will persuaded director Simon West to give her the female lead.

To physically prepare for the role of Lara Croft, Jolie underwent a training process combining heavy exercise with cardio, exercises for different muscle groups alternating weeks. As a result, the audience admires a beautiful, mysterious and seductive tomb thief who branded Tomb Raider on the screen.

  1. Female spy in Mr. & Mrs. Smith: jumping out of a 40-story building, practicing with real guns

Similar to Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, the role of Lady Smith also makes Angelina Jolie struggle to train when she has to go to the gym with all the exercises to get the best shape. In addition, the actress must learn to use a gun and go to the shooting range to practice with Brad Pitt. “It was the most dangerous thing we have ever done,” Jolie said. Competing with co-star Pitt has helped Jolie more confidence in the action scenes that require the coordination of the two.

In addition, the detail of Mrs. Smith jumping out a window of a 40-storey building was made by Angelina Jolie without a stunt. Usually dangerous scenes will be done by stuntmen. However, in some cases like Jolie, the main stars want to do it themselves to ensure the authenticity of the work. The comedian actress shared: “At that time my jacket flew away and in my mind I just thought:” Oh I’m not wearing pants, I’m not wearing pants, but there’s a crowd down there. “

  1. The spy in Salt: Practicing intense martial arts, falling and hitting his head on set

Salt continues to be the highlight of Angelina Jolie’s career, where she plays a cold female spy with superb fighting skills. In order to get ready for the high difficulty scenes, Jolie practiced for months before filming began. The coach offers health exercises, in addition to a series of martial arts exercises such as Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts), Muay Thai and MMA.

Many scenes of dangerous action are taken on by the female star, with the help of protective accessories. However, no matter how carefully prepared, the problem can still occur. In one scene slipping through the shooting door, Angelina Jolie followed the momentum being dragged backstage and bumped her head into furniture. The fall caused her to be taken to the hospital for further examination. Jolie’s coach in Salt shared that no matter how hard the filming was, the actress never complained of a word and refused to show anyone her bruises or bruises.

  1. The Dark Fairy in Maleficent: hates to practice yoga but still has to practice and dress up 16 hours / day for more than 2 months.

Claiming to be a person who doesn’t usually sit still, yoga is “extreme” for her to be beautiful, so she admits that she does not practice this sport very often. However, while preparing for Maleficent, Jolie had to learn yoga so that the flying scenes were soft.

And yet, the process of dressing up for the movie is another challenge. According to the two crew members, dressing up for Maleficent takes 3 hours each day and 1 hour to remove. Angelina Jolie then had to walk around with her fake horns and plaster on her face for an average of 16 hours / day during 70 days of filming. And not to mention the hard work of the actress, the audience saw a beautiful dark fairy taking over the spotlight of her daughter.

  1. Female lifeguard despite courage in Those Who Wish Me Dead: Must give up her instinct to be a mother

Those Who Wish Me Dead (Vietnamese title: Who Cursed Me Dead) is Jolie’s promising project after the success of the two parts of Maleficent. In the movie, she plays the role of a former smokejumper named Hannah Faber, who accepts danger in order to protect a young boy from being hunted. The released trailer shows that the female firefighter has faced all kinds of threats from wildfire to assassins, seemingly always close to the line of life and death. However, the biggest difficulty with Angelina Jolie is not from the difficult action scenes, but the relationship between the character she plays and the boy Connor (Finn Little).

Hannah is single, so director Taylor Sheridan wants to see an early, strained relationship between a woman who only knows work with a child she has no experience in caring for. Meanwhile, Jolie is the mother of 6 children, so her motherhood instinct in the actress is very large. Many times Angelina Jolie was “reminded” to treat the child actress “strictly” because she was too considerate to take care of the boy. It took a while for the actress to adapt when she had to temporarily suppress the feelings of a mother in order to live up to the true character of the character.


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