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Top 5 most formidable ways of using Haki Armed


The Armed Haki is also the most diverse type of Haki in the series to date and it has quite a few uses.

Armed Haki is one of the three types of Haki and is also the most used type in the One Piece world. This skill is originally used to help the user harden parts of the body, increase physical strength, defense and enhance the strength of physical attacks. Besides, it can also infuse weapons to increase damage.

Like Observer Haki, this Haki can be awakened by anyone and can be trained to increase strength. The Armed Haki is also the most diverse type of Haki in the series to date and it has quite a few uses. So what are some of the most formidable uses of this Haki? And where are the best people using these formats?

In fact, Ryou was originally a different way of calling the people of Wano Quoc for Haki Armed. But unlike the usual Armed Haki, Ryou allows the user to create their Haki class from one point and thus, the user’s energy is not unnecessarily wasted.

The one who performed this type of skill the best, the most athletic by far, was Kozuki Oden. By infusing Ryou into the two treasured swords, Enma and Ame no Habakiri, Oden was able to slash Yama in half (a monster as big as a mountain) from a young age, as well as severely slash Kaido. If in a fair fight, Kaido Bach Beast will not be able to kill him.

Ryou Advanced
After losing to Kaido in Kuri, Luffy trained his Ryou to make sure he had what he needed to get past Kaido’s tough skin. Thanks to Hyogoro’s help, Luffy successfully learned how to use Ryou’s Advanced form.

With this power, the user can infuse their Haki into the target’s body and destroy them from the inside out, specifically bypassing the enemy’s tough defenses to cause shockwaves to destroy even the muscles. internal organs.

So far, the 2 best advanced Ryou performers are Luffy and Rayleigh.

Blacken weapons permanently

Although still quite mysterious, Armed Haki has a property that allows the user to… permanently blacken a weapon after they use Haki for a long time through battles. In this way, weapons can be upgraded and strengthened, especially black-edged swords (Kokuto).
According to Hitetsu, if Zoro succeeds in transforming Enma into a permanent black sword, it can increase its “rank”. This shows that it could become a Great Noble Phantasm in the future.
Undoubtedly, the best performer in adopting this Haki was the Sword Saint of the Kingdom of Wano, Ryuma. He is the owner of the famous Meito Shusui, currently one of the 21 Great Swords and is a Kokuto. Even though Mihawk possesses the Black Sword Yoru, it is not known whether Yoru was a black sword from the start or was influenced by Haki, and if it is true that a black sword is the one who did it that?

Combined with Devil Fruit

Combined with the Devil Fruit properties is one of the very interesting features of this Haki. When used, it envelops the user of Haki but instead of hardening, it also allows the Devil Fruit power to take effect and makes the user much more powerful than the current one.
Thanks to that, Luffy was able to enhance the potential of the Gomu Gomu no Mi and achieve states of strength that are more and more formidable than before. In front of Gear 4, even a powerful man like Doflamingo was powerless.

Radiation enhanced

Characters that have trained Armed Haki to the top can use an ability known as Advanced Radiation Haki. It allows the user to coat their blade with a giant streak of lightning while using Haki and thus, the attack’s physical damage also increases.

The time this app was shown was during the battle between Whitebeard and Roger. Their weapons created a shock even though the two hadn’t even touched each other, causing the surrounding atmosphere to stir and it was as if the space was cracking. Even Oden – one of the best wielders of Armed Haki would be surprised by such a level of strength.


Haki, Haki Armed

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