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Top 5 anime dubbed “game spawning machine” best today, full of “terrible”


Look no further, the colorful anime world and beyond imagination are endless sources of inspiration for game creators.

5. Attack on Titan

Although not as long as the rest of the anime on this list, Attack on Titan can be considered a very special “dark horse”. Because, in just a short time, the masterpiece from the author Isayama Hajime has attracted millions of readers around the world. Those are choking action scenes, countless plot twists that confuse readers and in particular, the pace of the fight is extremely fast, to the point where no character is safe enough.

A very special detail in the anime is the kit that helps warriors fly over buildings, treetops or on any place where there is a fulcrum. If you do not know, this is an extremely powerful weapon that helps Eren and his teammates reach and defeat countless giants “running naked to eat people”. Of course, it has been excellently reproduced on the game of the same name, giving each gamer a new experience when “swinging” in the sky.

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh!

As a shy and gentle student, Yugi Moto boy’s life has completely changed when possessing the “Game of the Thousand Year”. Then, inside him formed another personality (Yami Yugi) with the talent “just play games and auto win”.

The most special thing about this anime series is the special card wits, where players can summon monsters to attack (or defend) and defeat their opponents. With a scoring mechanic based on the difference of damage attacks, plus loads of trap cards with an interesting effect, Yu-Gi-Oh! has quickly caught the eye of many NSX games. The most common genre is magic card battle, now, not only admire the battles through manga and anime, players are also really immersed in the most dramatic “brain hacks”.

  1. One Piece

Considered one of the most popular manga of all time, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece soon became the inspiration for countless NSX games. Infinite adventure journey across a sea stretching around the world, meeting and fighting powerful opponents, getting used to the power of the Devil Fruit and finally, of course, not to mention the fact that hunt for One Piece treasure again. All these factors are more than enough for One Piece to have not only one but hundreds, millions of titles “follow”.

  1. Naruto

Like One Piece, Naruto owns a lot of “follow” games with a huge number of loyal players around the world. However, one thing that makes Naruto “score” compared to One Piece is that there are so many Naruto titles that have gained more success and popularity than the One Piece titles. Among them are Leaf Village Adventure (the most popular Naruto MMORPG in Vietnam), Naruto Shippuden (the best Naruto game series of all time) and that’s not to mention the manga / anime Boruto still. is continuing to expand, bringing in a series of new characters with super cool skills.

  1. Dragon Ball

If we talk about games born from anime / manga the most, it will definitely be Dragon Ball. As expected of the series that inspired later Naruto, One Piece or Bleach, Dragon Ball deserves to be in the Top 1 position. New opponents, powerful levels of strength are also hard to imagine. Now, Goku can encounter characters with just the snap, they can also make the whole planet melt into nothingness …

Then a confrontation, the power ratio between these gods will be like? That is the reason that a series of “follow” Dragon Ball games was born. You will be given a choice between hundreds of characters to in turn defeat all remaining opponents, confirm the level of resistance and proclaim the whole galaxy. Of course, those games will be indispensable for the earthquake, attack “cupboard” of each character. However, how to use them, when to swing the attack, that’s what the player decides, partly demonstrating the fighting talent of each gamer!


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