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Top 18+ young beauties possessing charming beauty (P.3)


Not only do viewers fall in love with their hot curves, but these beauties also have beautiful smiles.

7. Satsuki Ena

Satsuki Ena was born on June 11, 1999, only entered the entertainment industry in September 2020 as an adult film actress. Although she has only joined for less than a year, she has made a strong impression with her beautiful beauty and captivating smile. Therefore, Satsuki Ena was quickly listed by many fans in the ranks of the new generation of beauties of the 18+ film industry.

According to Ena’s share, she really knew the 18+ industry from the age of 12, when she happened to see a magazine of her brother. However, it wasn’t until the age of 19 that she had her first “sex”. Her idol is the actress who won the highest throne in 2019, Minami Aizawa.

In real life, Satsuki Ena introduces herself as an otaku, she loves games, anime and manga and can watch all day without getting bored. However, she is also very talented when she knows how to play the piano, and is quite good at cooking.

8. Rio Kuriyama

Rio Kuriyama, born in 2000, is one of the emerging angels of the adult film industry in 2020. She joined Idea Pocket at the end of October 2020 and quickly became one of the most noticeable names because of her small body, sunny smile with a height of 148 cm and a 3-round measurement of 85. – 54 – 83cm.

In real life, this dwarf mushroom girl is quite sociable, cute and very friendly with fans. However, because Japan is currently under lockdown, she has not been able to meet fans in real life quite a lot. Currently, she just stays at home and spends most of her time watching Netflix. Her favorite movie at the time “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” and “Meteor Garden”.

In her free time, she also spends time exercising. Rio’s dream is to have a full butt, so she works hard at the gym. In addition, she also wants to have an explosive body like her seniors in Idea Pocket studio, but now she is… too thin, so she is trying to exercise regularly to eat and sleep so that she can get it. more explosive body.

9. Kozue Fujita

Kozue Fujita was born on May 20, 2001, just entered the entertainment industry in February 20121 as an 18+ actress. She is owned by the management company Prime and is an exclusive actress of studio S1. Although not as highly appreciated as Uta Hayano, Kozue Fujita also more or less attracted the attention of the public.

After debuting, Fujita has surprised many people by actively posting pictures of herself in the past. It is worth mentioning that these images should be kept hidden, but Fujita is very confident to go public without fear of affecting her career. And indeed, it is hard to believe that this girl in the past was so different from the present, at least compared to the photos on the cover.

In fact, she also took advantage to share her life story, when before that, Fujita had a great desire to act in AV movies like her idols and thanks to that desire, the hot girl did not hesitate. afraid to lose weight, learn makeup skills and try to improve their appearance. Then at the present time, she is an exclusive actress of S1 – the largest company in the Japanese AV industry.


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