May 29

Top 18+ young beauties possessing charming beauty (P.2)


Not only do viewers fall in love with their hot curves, but these beauties also have beautiful smiles.

Aoi Tsubasa was born in 2000, just entered the entertainment industry in May 2020 as an adult film actor. Initially, she took the stage name Aoi Ibuki, but later changed her name to the current one. She is currently an exclusive actress of Moodyz company and is one of the newest and youngest names in the history of participating in this industry.

To everyone, the first impression of Aoi’s beautiful and attractive beauty. She has an impressive height of 162 cm, with three measurements of 88 – 59 – 90 respectively. According to many people, the biggest impression on Ibuki is the bright and sunny smile that makes many guys ” sunstroke”.

In a recent interview, Aoi also revealed a few things about herself. Previously, when she was in college, she once joined a music group at the university, but only worked for a short time before leaving the group to focus on her studies.

However, she still has a desire to be known by many people, and from there, also know the AV industry. At the age of 19, due to being too interested and curious about 18+ stories, Aoi Tsubasa came to a rather reckless decision – to enter the adult film industry. This helps her get everyone’s attention and satisfy her own curiosity.

5. Sayaka Otoshiro

Sayaka Otoshiro is the latest name to join the 18+ Japanese industry. The young girl was born in 2001 and is an actress owned by S1 company, the most famous studio in the field of Japanese adult films at the moment. She is considered the “heir” of Moe Amatsuka, who has the nickname “angel” and is one of the most popular girls of this studio for the past 5 years.

Sayaka herself also confided that she is a hard fan of Moe, to the point of meeting the idol crying right at the match. Sayaka Otoshiro’s goal is to be as famous and successful as her senior. Currently, in order to do this, the young girl is trying to work hard and interact with fans more, thereby attracting more people to know her.

6. Kaname Momojiri

Kaname Momojiri was born on August 8, 2000. entered the 18+ movie industry in mid-2020. She is currently at studio Faleno, one of the newest companies to enter the AV industry. Kaname herself also belongs to a new class of actors that are beginning to emerge, besides the names of this studio such as Yume Nikaidou, Suzume Mino, Momo Honda…

Few people know that Kaname Momojiri did not make too many breakthroughs despite being highly expected. No one denies the beauty, hot and sexy of the swimsuit model for a while, but ironically, the number of people who know Kaname is not too much and there have been many opinions that she is also beautiful. couldn’t make it to the top of the AV industry. However, Momo is still trying very hard to climb to the top and compete with her seniors in the same studio.


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