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Top 18+ Japanese beauties have a hot body that burns eyes (P.1)


Not only have beautiful faces, adult movie actresses also have an extremely fiery and perfect body.

1. Yua Mikami

Yua Mikami is one of the most famous adult film actresses in the country of cherry blossoms at the moment. Originally from a singer who was not very prominent in an idol group, she quickly became a star when she switched to a new field. Currently, Yua Mikami is being known as one of the most multi-talented beauties in the entertainment industry when participating in other fields such as singing, photo modeling or participating in reality TV shows and both. fashion .

Talking about the body, perhaps Yua Mikami is the beauty who owns the most beautiful body among adult film actresses in the country of cherry blossoms at this time. It is known that the reason she keeps such a perfect body is thanks to her hard work in the gym and choreography to stay in shape.

2. Otsuki Hibiki

Otsuki Hibiki is one of the famous names in the Japanese adult film industry in recent years. In 2016, she won the best actress award at the Fanza Adult Award – an award known as the Oscar of adult films. This makes people know the actress born in 1988 more than before.

In real life, Otsuki Hibiki is a close friend of Yui Hatano, another famous adult film actress. The two were named the closest sisters in the AV village and won a lot of fans’ hearts thanks to this factor.

In terms of appearance, Hibiki must be said to be one of the actresses with the most beautiful body among adult movie angels. She is quite diligent in training and maintaining her figure to be able to have a beautiful body.

3. Shoko Takahashi

Besides many other 18 movie actors, Shoko Takahashi is one of the most popular stars in the adult film industry at the moment. Before becoming an adult film actor, Shoko Takahashi was one of the famous female gravure models in the land of cherry blossoms.

Shoko Takahashi’s modeling career wasn’t going very well back then, girl. The beauty born in 1993 shared that her income at that time was quite limited and not enough to cover living expenses. After facing a personal scandal, Shoko decided to venture into the adult film industry and had unexpected success.


Japanese beauties, Otsuki Hibiki, Yua Mikami

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