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Top 10 strongest waifu in Attack On Titan, Mikasa is also behind the whole series of characters (P.1)


Unlike many series of similar genres, the female characters in Attack On Titan do not appear to be the male background but take on important roles, creating a deep impression on the readers.

Although it has come to an end since April, but with 8 pages of expansion just added by the author, it seems that Attack On Titan will remain a subject of long controversy. However, it cannot be denied that the series has an extremely large and unique character system, especially in the female cast.

  1. Hange – The genius female engineer of the scout group

Hange is a genius engineer who leads the scouting corps after Erwin’s death. She takes on the job of making weapons such as lightning spears and automatic defense systems around Paradis Island.

Hange’s in-depth research on titans helped the scouts find a way to defeat them in many important battles. However, because Hange’s strength leans towards mental strength, she doesn’t have as much battle experience as the other characters in the series.

  1. Dina Fritz – Unstable strength

Dina Fritz is Grisha Yeager’s first wife, and the one who killed Eren’s mother. She was a dangerous threat in her titan form and was virtually unstoppable during the first attack on Shiganshina.

During Eren’s quest to reclaim land, the Smiling Titan murdered Hannes and nearly took Yeager’s life. However, through contact with Dina’s body, Eren was able to turn the other titans against Dina by using the power of the original Titan.

  1. Sasha – Excellent archer who shoots down titans with arrows

Sasha is a talented member of the scout squad and one of the best marksmen on the team. With her ingenuity, she saved Connie’s life during the assault on Reiss’ hideout and brought down countless Marley agents when Yeager launched an assault on their city.

The peasant girl’s strength stems from her remarkable courage. In order to save a little girl from the hands of a titan, she rushes into a fight with her enemies and gouged out the titan’s eye with an arrow. Sasha’s brave actions made her father proud and often portrayed her as a hero.

  1. Pieck’s Horse Titan, the weakest of the 9 titans

Pieck holds the power of a horse titan and is one of Marley’s best warriors. Although she is not as resilient as Reiner, not as strong as Bertholdt, and weaker than Annie, Pieck’s stamina helped her save Braun before he was captured by the scouts.

In addition, Pieck has mobility, intelligence, and versatile skills that make her a more dangerous threat than pure titans. Especially when Pieck is wearing back armor, because it both helps protect her without affecting her operations like in the battle for Marley.

  1. Ymir – Jaw Titan has defeated dozens of titans

In Attack on Titan, Ymir is the holder of the power of the Iron Jaw Titan, and she is also a talented Eldia warrior. During the battle for Utgard, she faced off against the titans influenced by Zeke Yeager alone.

However, despite Ymir’s mobility and strong jaws, her physical strength and endurance are unimpressive compared to her massive appearance. When Porco ate Ymir to gain power, he displayed far superior abilities. This is ironic when Ymir originally got the power of titan jaw when eating Marcel – Porco’s brother.


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