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Top 10 most terrible monsters in the mythical world (P.2)


These creepy monsters have become the inspiration for many game makers, story writers… Even becoming immortal monuments like Count Dracula

The level of horror of monsters sometimes does not match their popularity. Quite a few mythical monsters seem to have been forgotten or not yet exploited by movies and books.

  1. Monster Strigoi

Strigoi are creatures mentioned in Dacian mythology and are part of Romanian culture. They are depicted as evil spirits raised from the dead and longing to live a normal life. However, to survive, they must drink human blood – almost like vampires. They are considered to be among the oldest species on Earth.

Although only in myth, in the Romanian countryside, many people still believe in their existence. And they dug up the graves of their loved ones to burn both the body and the heart to prevent the deceased from turning into Strigoi.

  1. Monster Yogorumo

Yogorumo is the elf spider in Japanese mythology and legend. It is said that it often disguises itself as a beautiful woman, then chooses wild mountain places to lure men home. After that, it will show up as a giant spider. Yogorumo often wrap silk around their prey, then inject poison into their bodies and devour them.

  1. Black Agnes . Witch

In English folklore, Black Agnes is depicted as a long-lived witch. She has an ugly appearance, a blue face and iron claws. She has a penchant for cannibalism, especially children. Her pastime was to roam the ravines at night in search of young children, abduct them to her cave to eat their flesh and use their skins for clothing.

  1. Monster Goblin

Goblins are not monsters but are considered guardians of the forests. Goblin has a tall build, hair and beard of twigs and grass. However, there are times when Goblins like to transform into normal people or werewolves, moving very quickly. Although not too cruel, but goblins like to deceive, play tricks to lead lost people into the forest and tease them to death.

  1. Monster Brownie

In Slavic mythology, it is believed that every house has a gate monster named Brownie. The shape of this monster resembles a bearded man, his whole body is covered with thick hair. Brownie considers herself a housekeeper, Brownie’s character is cruel or not entirely dependent on human actions. Brownie does not like people who like to neglect the house, sometimes he will cast a curse on them.

On the contrary, with people who behave well, diligently clean the house, Brownie is very precious. He will help in their family. Brownie likes to watch people fast asleep. Brownie’s nature is not too cruel, but if provoked, he will retaliate persistently, in the house there will be groans, crashing sounds, furniture flying around, even more dangerous than the owner. house died.


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