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Top 10 most terrible monsters in the mythical world (P.1)


Monsters with bizarre shapes have always been a fear in the mythical world.

The mythical world is full of not only gods and heroes, but also countless terrible monsters, far beyond the imagination of modern man. From the Greek Beja to the Slavic Brownie, every culture has its own terrors.

  1. Monster Beja

Beja is an ancient creature often mentioned by the Greeks and Romans. This monster is described as having a normal human form but without a head. Its eyes, nose, and mouth are all located on its chest. In mythology, they are said to be one of the creatures that often appear in North Africa and the Middle East. In literature, they always appear to instill fear when they regularly eat people.

  1. Monster Stheno

Stheno is one of the three gorgons in Greek mythology, alongside Medusa and Euryale. Although Stheno is not as famous as Medusa, it does not mean that she is more gentle than her sister. Stheno has long teeth, sharp fangs, and curled red snake hair. Legend has it that Stheno was the most fierce and bloodthirsty of the three sisters. She killed a lot of people, mostly men. Not only that, unlike Medusa, Stheno is also an immortal being.

  1. One-eyed monster Hitotsume Kozo

If Greek mythology had the one-faced giant Cyclops, the Japanese had a monster almost like it. Hitotsume Kozo is a monster with only one eye in the center of its face, nothing else. The difference in Hitotsume Kozo compared to Cyclops is that it is much smaller, looks like a harmless child but is actually extremely dangerous.

  1. Monster Manananggal

The Manananggal monster in Philippine mythology is described as a creature that resembles a vampire. However, both in appearance and behavior are much more disgusting. It is believed that Manananggal has the form of an ugly woman with a body that separates the upper and lower parts. At night, it will grow huge wings, fly. Manananggal will use the long proboscis from the mouth to suck the blood of those who are fast asleep. Its favorite victim is pregnant women, it will suck the blood of the pregnant woman and then suck the heart of the fetus.

5. Monster Kelpie

Kelpie appears in Norse mythology. It is described as a creature half-horse and half-fish. Kelpie’s main habitat is rivers and lakes in Scotland. This devious creature often transforms into a beautiful white horse to fool people, enticing them to ride it. After the victim is trapped, it will take the victim to deep water and eat them.


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