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Top 10 evil bosses to defeat your teammates (P.2)


When the small boss could not hurt the gamer, it was handled by the game boss …

The boss (boss) was created to let gamers eat onions and taste the victory when defeating them. However, the bosses are not always defeated by the player. Sometimes they are also eaten by more fearsome bosses.

Here are the second part of 10 powerful bosses that killed other bosses in the game, invite you to watch.

Joker – Batman: Arkham Origins

While there’s a common goal that all the villains want to kill Batman, that doesn’t mean they won’t kill each other. Because in Gotham, besides money, villains will sometimes want to smash each other just to prove themselves champions. And one of the most memorable boss battles in the Batman game series is that the Joker kills Lester Buchinsky, also known as Electrocutioner.

Electrocutioner is one of eight assassins Black Mask – the main antagonist of the game hired by the Joker to kill Batman. However, due to not complying with the agreement and showing a concave attitude, Electrocutioner was kicked by the Joker by his foot to kick him out of the window of a tall building, and of course when he touched the ground he died immediately immediately.

Alex Mercer – Prototype 2

Alex Mercer was once an anti-hero, then turned into an evil hostile force when he appeared in Prototype 2 to confront the main character in this part – James Heller.

Mercer is a living entity of the Blacklight virus. He began infecting certain people in Gentek and Blackwatch, causing them to “evolve” into people with powers similar to Mercer. Although Heller was one of those men, he did not join Mercer because it was the man who murdered his wife and daughter.

In Prototype 2, you will be confronted with bosses that have “evolved”, making the battle even more balanced. Near the end of the game, when Heller entered the Red Zone – where the virus originated – Mercer stood there waiting for Heller with a terrible plan. It was Mercer that began to absorb all the “evolutionary” characters he had ever created, converging their powers to become a super boss. The battle that took place after this section had taken many gamers to the field, but it also made sense because Mercer was now the last boss, with all the power of the other bosses combined.

Red Hood – Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)

Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood, first appeared in the Arkhamverse universe as a mysterious villain named Arkham Knight. As Todd revealed his identity, he took off his glasses to wear a fine mask. Instead of a normal boss fight, to defeat Red Hood, you have to go through many small battles, then have to find a way to hide from his view and go to where Todd is hiding. Soon after, Todd disappears, only in the end appears to help Batman because Todd is thoughtful again.

In the DLC Red Hood, you will learn more about Jason Todd’s anti-crime solo path in the past. It shows that Todd is quite a brute, kneading and not calculating tactics like Batman. Todd went after Black Mask – a boss that appeared in the main game – and kicked him out the window, fell to the ground and died on the spot. It seemed Todd was not afraid to kill someone.

Maester Seymour – Final Fantasy X

JRPG games are often very easy to see what a good person is and a bad guy from the first time you meet you guys. V2 in this case is Seymour Guado – a Yevon religious maester whose martial arts are rather advanced and a bit outlandish character. And yes, Seymour Guado is a villain. You will have to fight this guy 3 times throughout the journey, and each time he will be harder to swallow than before. However, before that, Guado always persuaded the gamer that he was a good man.

Immediately after meeting Guado, the main character group will confront a giant monster named Sinspawn Gui with a shape like a centipede. On the first turn you have to be on your own, but when the monster begins to weaken, Seymour steps in and uses magic to lend the player a hand. It is because Seymour is self-interested in helping you, and in theory your team member should be able to deliver the finishing blow to Sinspawn. But since Seymour is so dominant, it’s more likely that the monster will die at the hands of Seymour than by someone in your party.

Biolizard / FinalHazard – Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)

It seems that an Ultimate Life Form is not enough, the final stage of Sonic Adventure 2 also appears the second one attached to the space station with the ability to destroy an entire planet. Biolizard was created by Dr. Gerald Robotnik (Dr. Eggman’s grandfather – Sonic’s arch enemy), and this is the test version of Shadow the Hedgehog.

This monster was abandoned at the ARK space station for many years, and when Eggman restarted the space station, the monster reappeared to spread terror. According to the section playing Hero campaign, you have to fight Shadow up to 2 times. But in the late game, while fighting FinalHazard (phase 2 of the Biolizard), Shadow and Sonic allied themselves, using Chaos Emeralds to defeat the boss. The final battle drained all of Shadow’s energy, causing the character to fall to Earth and accept his fate.


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