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Top 10 evil bosses to defeat all teammates


When the small boss could not hurt the gamer, it was handled by the game boss …

The boss (boss) was created to let gamers eat onions and taste the victory when defeating them. However, the bosses are not always defeated by the player. Sometimes they are also eaten by more fearsome bosses. Here are 10 powerful bosses that killed other bosses in the game, invite you to watch.

Smough – Dark Souls

The match with the “perfect couple” Ornstein and Smough is definitely the most memorable in Dark Souls. We coordinate extremely well to “whip” the board of friends. And if one of them falls, whoever survives will absorb the other’s power and continue to feed you onions.

If Smough fell, Ornstein would gently rest his hand on the body of his longtime partner and suck Smough’s power into his body. However, if Ornstein measures the floor first, you will witness an excess of cloudy water drop the line, stabbing the back of a teammate from the position of the young Smough.

Smough will slam a giant hammer on him to let the hammer absorb the power. If Ornstein is dead then don’t say it, but the problem is that when the hammer drops, if you look closely you will see that Ornstein’s left arm is still moving slightly. Apparently he is still alive, and this is not following in the footsteps of his predecessors, but about haunting his accomplices.

There is one possible explanation for this, Ornstein was in the four Knights of Gwyn, an honor Smough longed for but could not obtain due to his brutal nature. . So as a matter of course Smough would envy the dragon knight Ornstein, leading to the act of eliminating him as soon as possible. Such details have contributed to the rich world of Dark Souls.

The Sword Saint Isshin – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

One of the biggest differences of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice from the general formula of FromSoftware game is that it has a more linear and clear plot. This allows for a number of important characters to appear multiple times in the plot, including bosses you’ve defeated before such as the dirty monkey Guardian Ape, the perverted monk Corrupted Monk, and the like. of course the obnoxious warlord Ashina Genichiro as well.

During the plot of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you will encounter this Genichiro 3 times. The first time was when he cut off one of Sekiro’s arms (shaking hands with “hundred year lover” Kuro). The second time was on Ashina Castle and the third time was when he was about to be sent off to heaven by his grandfather – Sword Saint Isshin -.

In this final battle, when Sekiro (the player) defeats Genichiro, he will pick up the sword and cut a line on his neck. In fact he would die from that wound, but no, a bony, wrinkled arm had popped out. The legendary sword saint Isshin returned to the earth by getting out of his grandson’s body, when Genichiro was officially opened. So it turns out that he chose to die at the hands of his grandfather (though reluctantly), not the main character Sekiro.

Aldrich – Dark Souls III

You may not see this sleazy Aldrich killing anyone, but with a little attention you will realize many of the horrifying truths he has done for millennia from Dark Souls to Dark Souls III.

Looking at Aldrich’s figure, you might mistakenly think that he was holding a staff, wearing a golden mask, with ash-gray hair with “lower body” a gnarled mess. But actually the new slime you see is Aldrich, and the scepter is Gwyndolin, Gwyn’s youngest son and one of the bosses of the first Dark Souls. Aldrich swallowed Gwyndolin and used the corpse as a tool to fight.

However that is not all, if you study a little more, you will see that the tail of the staff that Gwyndolin’s body holds is very similar to the Gravelord Sword, and the bony part of Aldrich’s body is similar to the master. That sword – Lord of Death Nito. In addition, he can use Crossbreed Priscilla’s signature scythe-like move. It is very likely that Aldrich not only knows Gwyndolin but also Nito and Priscilla, and they are all bosses of Dark Souls.

Darth Vader – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The Star Wars games set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope will often be used by game makers to insert Darth Vader into a scene to add more drama to the game. And Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order did a great job of doing this by devoting an entire scene at the Moonbase imperial Inquisitorius fortress just to Darth Vader’s epic appearance.

In this final scene, after defeating Trilla – The Inquisitors (one of the main bosses of the game) and trying to convince her to return to the righteous path, Darth Vader suddenly appeared behind the white smoke. Faintly with the signature music of the empire resounded. Normally, the player would think “oh no, boss boss appeared, now we have to fight both?”. However, in reality, Darth Vader appeared not to aid Trilla, he just appeared to show his disappointment, and then ended her as punishment for defeat. .

As soon as that unexpected cutscene is over, you’ll have a chance to encounter Darth Vader. However, just after a few close pressures, you will immediately realize that the game is just fooling us. This is completely fake battle because you will never win but have to run for life hoping to escape from this boss.

Emperor Doviculus – Brutal Legend

Honestly, although Brutal Legend is a famous game, no one knows exactly what genre it belongs to. At first you will be treated to the gameplay of the simple hack-and-flash RPG genre that is easy to play, but then the game turns into a real-time strategy genre that allows you to fight alongside your teammates. .

The game takes place in a world where humans become slaves to a race of demons led by emperor Doviculus. You will follow a guy named Eddie Riggs to form a group of friends including Lars Halford, Lita and the girl Eddie secretly loves Ophelia. Ironically, after halfway through the adventure, Ophelia becomes one of the main villains of the game, leading Eddie to face the fact that he will have to stand up against the girl he loves to protect. human.

In the end, Eddie thought that Ophilia had betrayed humans to follow Emperor Doviculus, but in truth she was just being manipulated by him to control like a henchman. And after it ran out of value, the boss now took Ophilia’s heart out and let her dissolve into black residue on the ground. After witnessing that traumatic scene, Eddie had a 1 on 1 match with Doviculus and as a result he lost the match and was beheaded by Eddie.


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