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Top 10 best sports anime of all time, it is difficult for any name to surpass the legendary Slam Dunk


Sports anime always gives viewers emotions from happy, sad, happy to burst, disappointed and angry.

Besides other popular genres in the anime world, sports anime are quite popular because they give the audience a lot of spiritual value. Here is a summary of the best names in this category ranked by scores from Myanimelist for your reference:

  1. Cross Game (8.51)

The content of the series is about Kou Kitamura, who has a natural gift for baseball and his relationship with four neighboring sisters. In the story, in addition to baseball, the drama also revolves around the friendship, the first love of the characters.

  1. Eyeshield 21 (8.52)

The story revolves around Kobayakawa Sena – a weak high school boy whose only talent is very fast running and clever dodging that is the result of being bullied and mistreated during middle school. But in Hiruma Yoichi’s eyes he was a golden egg and Sena was immediately admitted to Hiruma’s rugby team. After that, they searched for teammates and practiced endlessly to be able to win at Christmas Bow.

  1. Diamond No Ace Act II (8.54)

The story is about an Eijun Sawamura, a baseball player with a very unusual pitch change that happened naturally. To plan for the future, Sawamura begins to plan to go with his friends to a local high school and play baseball to the best of their ability. However, a scout from the prestigious Seidou High approaches, offering him a scholarship and a chance to take him to the next level.

  1. Chihayafuru (8.54)

Chihaya’s whole life and dream was just to see her sister become the most famous model in Japan…but then a quiet, quiet student named Arata told her “Dream” Dreams can only be achieved by yourself, not taken from others.” Arata is a boy who enjoys playing karuta – a traditional Japanese card game based on the Hyakunin Isshu, which Chihaya greatly enjoyed, and thanks to Arata, Chihaya discovered a passion for it. And she had her own dream, the dream of becoming “Queen Karuta”.

  1. One Outs (8.60)

The story begins with baseball star Hiromichi Kojima being very stuck when facing a new season. During the training course, his teammates stumble upon a pitcher with a very strange attitude and get caught up in his bets, that guy is Toua Tokuchi. This character is not known in baseball, but he is considered to have very special moves that can defeat stars in this industry like Hiromichi.

  1. Hajime No Ippo (8.68)

When it comes to anime about boxing, everyone will probably immediately think of the name Hajime no Ippo. This is a long-running anime based on the manga of the same name and officially aired in 2000. The story revolves around a very ordinary student named Makunouchi Ippo. In addition to studying, Ippo spends a lot of time helping his family. During a bullying incident, Ippo was saved by a boxer Takamura.

That is what brought that boy Ippo into the world of boxing when he was taken to the gym near his house to practice. Overcoming the difficulties, Makunouchi Ippo gradually found his purpose in life and developed his skills to gradually enter the professional boxing arena.

  1. Real (8.74)

Real attracts viewers with a fairly new movie content and a very unique character creation. The three main characters in the film are Nomiya who dropped out of school at a young age, Tomomi is a former sprinter and is participating in the wheelchair basketball team and finally Kiyoharu is the captain of the famous but now retired basketball team. Hemiplegia after the accident. At first glance you will see that they don’t have anything in common, but what they have in common is the desire to play basketball to the fullest.

  1. Ashita No Joe (8.85)

The story takes place in post-war Japan in the 1960s, Joe Yabuki lives in the poorest area of ​​Tokyo. There, Joe caught the eye of a retired boxer, Danpei. But then, Joe got into trouble and was transferred to the youth education management center, where he got into a fight and was knocked out by Toru, the professional boxing champion.

While incarcerated, Joe received special training through Danpei’s letters. The day Joe was released, he quickly became a great boxer and his reputation was growing like alcohol. Besides, Toru was also released and returned to his boxing career. And at the world championship, Toru meets Joe again, he wants to fight Joe. And both of them stepped onto the stage…

  1. Haikyuu!! (8.90)

The film is about a boy, Shouyou Hinata, with a passion for volleyball. Shouyou decided to revive the school volleyball club after watching the “Little Giants” volleyball game, but unfortunately his team lost to Tobio Kageyama. This did not make Shouyou lose his will, he tried his best to practice. When he was in high school, he joined another volleyball club and met his old rival Tobio Kageyama…

  1. Slam Dunk (8.99)

The main character of the film is the guy with outstanding red hair Hanamichi Sakuragi. Sakuragi has an arrogant personality and always considers herself the right to be negligent. But since playing basketball, he has completely changed thanks to his love for this sport. It is the story and the meaning of basketball that make Slam Dunk an extremely memorable and worth watching anime in the sports anime segment.


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