July 15

Those who suffered the most tragic fate in the game world


Being a character in the game is also very painful but not happy at all.

1. Imprisoned for 109 years – God of War

Mimir is one of the supporting characters of God of War. He mainly plays a supporting character and often has lines that tease the war god Kratos, like his previous human life. Previously, Mimir was also a clown and the servant of a king. However, he had the opportunity to meet the god Odin and become a servant of this powerful god.

Her agile personality helps Mimir befriend many peoples, including the giants of Jotunheim. This made Odin feel unhappy and decided to punish him. As a result, Mimir was stripped of an eye and tied to a tree for 109 years. It was not until he met Kratos that Mimir was freed from the “hell prison” created by the god of Asgard.

  1. Being turned into a monster while still alive – Dead Space

The Guardians are the scariest and most miserable monsters in Dead Space. They were originally humans, still alive, but turned into monsters and stuck to the wall. Their stomachs were all exposed, their faces were also disfigured. Sadly, these guys are not dead yet. They stay there, screaming in pain and despair until our protagonist arrives and takes their poor lives.

  1. Being turned into a monster – Resistance

In Resistance, there is an alien race called the Chimera. This race has the ability to infect in a very scary way, as they turn humans into a half-human, half-monster thing, causing them to lose their shape and humanity.

Chimera releases a swarm of Crawlers that invade the body like insects. These bugs travel through the respiratory tract and disperse the virus into the bloodstream. It will make people half awake, half dreaming, suffering from pain and tormented by the virus. Humans writhe and will scratch their own bodies without being able to do anything else.

  1. GLaDOS revival loop – Portal 2

GLaDOS is the main antagonist of Portal part 1. It is not only scary but also very arrogant and self-righteous. However, few people know its suffering loop, after being completely destroyed by the main character in part 1.

When revived in Portal 2, GLaDOS regretted what he did to the players in the first part. It had received a terrifying punishment – every time it died, it would rewind the last 2 minutes before dying again. This loop works continuously and never stops. Maybe just thinking about it makes us shiver, let alone the characters in the game.



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