June 8

The young man “was” written by Guinness to refuse because the record was not broken by anyone, and that was still wrong in basic knowledge


But it’s great to be told by Guinness to write a letter back!

Recently, a young man who was honored to be awarded the Guinness World Records award wrote a letter of rejection because of a super “boring” discovery, not to mention he also miscalculated the most basic parts.

Accordingly, in 2019, a Twitter account named @Michael1979 submitted an application to set a record for a fairly simple thing, which is to memorize 2 digits after the comma of Pi.

Needless to say, the Guinness Book of Records records a collection of world records that are recognized all over the world. Which means that no matter how crazy or crazy it is, as long as you are the first to dare to do it, you will surely have the honor of getting a slot in this famous book.

The letter that the committee that confirmed the Guinness record sent back to Michael

Perhaps because he saw the blood and blood of this guy, Guinness took care of writing a rather polite reply.

“Hi Michael, we’re glad to have received your letter in 2019. We’re always excited to acknowledge your efforts to set new world records. Unfortunately, your ability to remember two words. The number of decimal places for Pi is much lower than the current record, so the appraisal team decided not to accept this claim.

“By the way, Michael, pi isn’t 3.11, so try next time.”

Very sad @Michael1979 is a bit misremembered because the exact pi should be 3.14. But mentioning the Guinness record of writing a letter of response is enough, putting a frame on the wall is a block of cross-eyed people, right?


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