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The truth about 8 legendary monsters from a scientific perspective (P.2)


These are all legendary monsters that everyone once believed they were real, but from a scientific perspective, it’s a different matter.

  1. Centaurs – Sagittarius

Images of Centaurs were known in the second millennium BC. Perhaps it appeared in Greece as a whim of educated people who knew nothing about horseback riding.

After they saw the equestrian warriors of some nomadic tribes in the North, they imagined something like Centaurs. The nomads live on the road, they are good archers, and move very quickly.

In addition, the story of a half-man, half-animal character probably came from a certain farmer who saw a horseman passing quickly.

However, Pliny the Elder, who lived in the first century BC, wrote that he had seen a Centaurs with his own eyes.

According to him, it was preserved in honey and sent from Egypt as a gift to the king of Greece. The ancients believed that Centaurs were the result of genetic experiments by Egyptian priests.

We may not believe this story, but since scientists have successfully created a pig-man, it may be true.

  1. One-eyed Cyclops

In ancient Greek mythology, Cyclops were venerable creatures (the children of the two gods Gala and Uranus), or simply humans. The most famous Cyclops character in history is Polyphemus, son of Poseidon. However, he had his only eye taken away by the god Odysseus.

In addition, the Arimaspi are also said to be a tribe of one-eyed people in Northern Scythia. As for the scientific basis: In 1914, Othenio Abel, an Australian paleontologist, had the idea that ancient people found the skulls of dwarf elephants. This leads to the myth of Cyclops because the hole in the middle of the skull (actually the nose) could have been mistaken for a giant eye socket. It is curious that this elephant species lives only in Cyprus, Malta and Crete.

7. Kraken – giant monster

The Kraken is a giant legendary sea creature, a large squid known from sailors’ tales. The first detailed description of them was written by Erik Pontoppidan. He wrote that the Kraken was an animal as large as an island, able to grab a giant ship with tentacles and drag it to the bottom of the sea. But much more dangerous are the whirlpools it can leave behind after diving into the sea quickly.

Therefore, the death of the ship is inevitable, because the monster can destroy it in an attack, or when the ship intends to flee. However, the origin of this mythical creature is quite simple because in fact, large squid still exist, and they can be up to 52 meters long.

If many people are still scared to see a creature like this today, you can imagine the feeling of medieval sailors at that time – it was like a real monster.

8. Unicorns – Unicorns

There is quite a bit of information about the 1-horned horse in legends and myths from different countries. The first images of Unicorns were found in India and they are more than 4 thousand years old. After that, this mythical creature spread across the continent and into ancient Rome, where they were said to be real animals.

The origin of the unicorn is believed to be Elasmotherium – a rhinoceros that lived in Eurasia during the ice age. Elasmotherium looks a bit like a horse with a very long horn on its forehead. They became extinct along with other animals of this period. However, according to the documents that have been released by researchers, some similar animals continue to exist, and that is why we have stories about them.


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