June 8

The series of 18+ beauties with a slim body are still loved by thousands of people (P.2)


Not in the form of possessing a fiery body, but these girls still have a large fan base.

4. Rikka Ono 

Rikka Ono was born in 2002, just entered the entertainment industry in April 2020 as an adult film actress. Currently, she is an exclusive actress of Moodyz company and is one of the youngest names in history to enter this industry.

Right from the moment she appeared, Rikka Ono made a strong impression with her beautiful, fragile, pure and extremely lovely beauty. She is only 148 cm tall, with three measurements of 81 – 58 – 82, respectively. However, this does not affect the fans’ affection for her.

After the release, Rikka Ono immediately climbed to the top of the chart for 3 consecutive days. She is also highly appreciated by experts, when she is ranked 2nd among the rookies of 18+ movies released in 2020, and the released product is also in the top 5 best-selling products of the year.

5. Natsu Tojo

Natsu Tojo was born in 1999 in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. She joined the entertainment industry in February 2020 as an 18+ movie actress and debuted with Faleno company. She is known for her youthful, lovely and playful beauty.

Possessing an extremely pretty face, not inferior to hot girls at the moment, but few people know that Tojo Natsu was born in an extremely strict and educated family. In a recent interview, the hot girl did not hesitate to share the story of her family. Specifically, Tojo said that his mother is very difficult: “She will never be satisfied, even angry if I wear clothes that reveal bra straps or expose my breasts”.

With a charming appearance, it is not difficult for Natsu to receive film offers. In just 2 months, the girl born in 1999 has released nearly 30 different movies continuously within 2 months. Thanks to this, she is currently “flying” on the monthly sales charts of retail systems, and at the same time receives a lot of attention from the audience.

6. Himari Asada

Himari Asada was born on March 20, 2002, just released this past March. However, she was immediately cast as an exclusive actress of Soft on Demand. Looking at the picture, it may not be too realistic, but there is an indicator that makes many people surprised from Himari, that is, she is only 1m47 tall, much smaller than many people imagine. Even so, Himari is still a promising name thanks to her super sexy body and beautiful face.

Indeed, numbers do not lie, the girl born in 2002 is highly appreciated. She has only debuted for more than 2 months, but so far, she has immediately entered the top 10 most popular names. Of course, these are only numbers that may not be too significant, but in a period when the AV industry is showing signs of freezing like right now, Himari’s index is really worthy of praise.


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