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The series of 18+ beauties with a slim body are still loved by thousands of people (P.1)


Not in the form of possessing a fiery body, but these girls still have a large fan base.

1. Mia Nanasawa

Mia Nanasawa was born in 1998, entered the entertainment industry in November 2017 as an adult film actress. Currently, she has been an actress of Moodyz company for the past 3 years. She is often referred to by fans with the friendly nickname Mya-chan.

She is quite “small and light” when only 145 cm tall, with three measurements of 79-54-80 cm. However, Mia has an eye-catching, lovely beauty and a sunny smile, so she is loved by many fans. In 2019, Mia Nanasawa was nominated in the best rookie category at the 18+ Fanza Adult Award.

In real life, Mia is someone who loves to cook and cosplay. According to her, when she was in school, she joined a club that “just eats and eats all day”. However, Mia is also confident that her cooking ability is not bad at all.

One of her other hobbies is playing games. But according to Mia, when she was young, she was not too rich, so she often modeled and cosplayed to be able to earn money to pay for this hobby. However, she discovered her hobby of inviting – being noticed and watched by people.

2. Yui Nagase

Yui Nagase was born on November 30, 1999 in Japan, entered the 18+ industry in May 2019. Currently, she is a freelance actress not under the management of any 18+ film studio. Yui Nagase participates in “mercenary” for various studios.

When she first appeared, Yui Nagase immediately entered the top of the list of the most popular actresses in the first half of 2019. With a cute and attractive face, the actress born in 1999 quickly got it. the love of fans in the land of cherry blossoms. She also quickly made a strong impression after that by releasing a huge number of products. It is known that in 2019, Yui participated in more than 150 different products.

3. Yura Kano

Yura Kano was born in 1998 in Okoyama Prefecture, Japan, entered the entertainment industry in mid-2017 as a gravure model. By the end of 2017, she decided to switch to the adult film industry when she joined S1 company and became one of the new generation pillars of this company over the past few years.

The girl with the nickname Yuraran owns a beautiful beauty and a hot body with a height of 156 cm, an index of 3 rounds of 84 – 55 – 86 cm. What makes her most noticeable is her innocent face and the same “bewildered” expression that makes many guys flutter at first sight.

It is known that Yura has joined the drama club since high school. She is also currently one of the official members of the Ebisu Muscats group alongside Yua Mikami, Kana Momonogi…


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