May 3

The “protector” of Earth’s life appeared in another planet


“Extremely hot Jupiter” has just been found spinning very close to its parent star

According to Sci-tech Daily, hydroxyl (OH) radical is a “effective atmospheric detergent”. It is extremely important to the life of Earth because it helps to remove pollutants, harmful to organisms such as methane, carbon monoxide … OH radical is also a signal that the planet has water and oxygen, because it is formed by the reaction of water vapor with atomic oxygen.

Research led by Dr. Si Stevanus Nugroho from the Center for Astronomical Biology at Queen’s University Belfast (UK) shows that the planet possesses an OH-like origin called WASP-33b, an “extremely hot Jupiter” with heat. a surface temperature of up to 2,500 degrees Celsius, a temperature enough for most metals to flow.

For an extremely large and very hot planet like WASP-33b, the OH radical helps scientists determine the chemical properties of the atmosphere through interactions with water vapor and carbon monoxide. The way the OH is produced here is somewhat different: the steam is destroyed by extremely high temperatures.

While this underworld does not appear to offer any chance for life, a special discovery of a new atmosphere will provide new insights into alien world types. This helps consolidate the planetary classification data, which in turn refines out the Earth-like worlds. With OH, if we continue to find it on a smaller and rocky world, it could be a living planet.

To make this discovery, the team used the 8.2-meter-diameter Subaru Telescope Infrared Doppler (IRD) device located at the summit of Maunakea in Hawaii. This new tool can detect atoms and molecules through their “spectral fingerprinting”.

The research has just been published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.


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