July 21

The most famous series of 6 water-type Pokémon ever


Not only eye-catching, these Pokémon are also very cool.

1. Kingdra

This is a typical Pokemon of the later evolution levels becoming more and more beautiful than the previous level, making any Trainer try to collect it. Kingdra, like its sub-module, is very similar in appearance to a dragon. The large horns and fierce eyes make the opponent just look at them and do not dare to touch this Pokemon. In fact, with the impressive appearances in the anime, “cool” for Kingdra may not be enough. Don’t despise it just because it looks like a seahorse, be careful Kingdra “eats onions”.

2. Tentacruel

Both “cool” and “scary”, can only be Tentacruel. It seems like GameFreak has put a lot of effort into turning the combination of squid and jellyfish into something really… cute. However, every time Tentacruel appears in a game or in a movie, the cuteness is gone, only making people feel like running away. In addition, Tentacruel is not a pure Water-type Pokemon, but it is actually a dual-type Water / Poison, making this creature more dangerous than ever.

3. Blastoise

It is hard to deny that Blastoise is the most “kun” Water-type Pokemon ever. The idea for a turtle carrying two super-large cannons, able to stand up and “flap his face” on those who are making a fuss is really interesting. While Charizard is also cool, its shape is largely inspired by dragons, which is considered a safe move. Blastoise is different, GameFreak’s design team really faced a big risk when bringing this special shape. Anyway, until now, after more than 20 years of development, the fan’s love for Blastoise still shows no sign of abating.

4. Greninja

For Pokemon fanatics, Greninja must not be too strange. This Pokemon has been with Ash for a long time, achieving many impressive victories. With the appearance of a shinobi, Greninja’s style of action and moves are both elusive. A rather special information is that Ash’s uncle Greninja is also a unique Greninja with a completely different appearance from his peers.

5. Feraligatr

In terms of Gen 2 starter Pokemon, Feraligatr can’t slip from the Top 1 spot. Its appearance is inspired by “kaiju” (giant monsters in Japanese legend) and even Godzilla. The sharp horns on the back make Feraligatr look fierce and threatening to the opponent. However, contrary to its appearance, Feraligatr is also sometimes quite naive, creating a complete opposite of the player’s imagination.

6. Gyarados

If you grew up with Pokemon games, Gyarados is almost already a member of the great Trainer family. The first reason, it is the reward that cannot be more valuable for the most persistent gamers when deciding to raise Magikarp. Next, Gyarados is also the first Shiny Pokemon that the player encounters while traveling around the world. A bright red Gyarados that suddenly appeared and wanted to “eat onions” for players has entered the minds of millions of crazy fans around the world. In the 90s, Gyarados was a Pokemon that was loved by 90% of boys.



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