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The legend of the “Flying Dutchman” and the famous ghost ship is a haunting at sea


Among maritime myths and legends, the Flying Dutchman is considered the most famous.

Many people claim that they have seen the ghost ship of the Dutch captain Hendrick van der Decken since it was wrecked in 1641. Captain Hendrick van’s insolent attitude before the storm of God’s wrath. der Decken and his entire crew were cursed to sail the seas until the end of the world.

Captain van der Decken’s Stormy Voyage

Captain Hendrick van der Decken made a perilous voyage from the Netherlands to the Far East in order to procure profitable commodities such as spices, silk and dyes. Although the journey was not very smooth, but they finally arrived. After loading up the cargo and making necessary repairs on board, the captain sailed for Amsterdam.

When the boat was still sailing around Africa, the captain thought it would be convenient for the crew of the Dutch East India Company if they could make a stop near the Cape of Good Hope to rest after the long journey. waves. And this is where the tragedy begins.

Curse “Flying Dutchman”

As the ship began to circle down the Cape of Good Hope. Suddenly, a tremendous gust of wind arose, threatening to engulf the whole ship. The sailors begged the captain to allow the roundabout to return, but were refused. Some said that Captain van der Decken was crazy, others that he was drunk, but for whatever reason, the captain still ordered the crew to move on. He took a pipe and smoked while huge waves hit the ship. The wind tore the sails and water poured into the cabin.

Cornered, the crew rebelled. Without hesitation, Hendrick van der Decken murdered the rebel leader and threw his body into the sea. The moment the body fell into the water, the boat asked the captain if he wanted to go into the bay tonight. Van der Decken replied, “I will sail around this sea until the end of the world”.

The ship replied, “To pay the price for your actions, you will have to sail the ocean forever with a crew of the dead, so that you bring death to those who see the ship. your ghosts and never docked or know peace. Bitterness will be your drink, and red-hot iron your meat.” However, van der Decken didn’t flinch, instead he just cried.

Legend of the ghost ship

Later, Captain van der Decken, known as the Flying Dutchman, took his ghost ship around the world. The sailors believed that it was the Dutch who led the ship astray, causing them to crash into the reef. There was even a rumor that if there was a violent storm at the Cape of Good Hope, seafarers might see Captain van der Decken and his skeleton crew. But be careful, because according to legend, anyone who sees the Flying Dutchmen is certain of death.

The legend of Captain van der Decken’s ship first became widely known through Wagner’s 1843 opera, The Flying Dutchman. However, in history, there are many cases of claims to have seen ghost ships, which makes the legend become the inspiration for many other entertainment works, movies (in addition to Wagner’s opera, there are also many other movies and entertainment works). Coleridge’s epic The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Pirates of the Caribbean, SpongeBob Square Pants, Scooby-Doo…).


Pirates of the Caribbean

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