June 2

The images of smiling and tearful men pretending to live virtual like sisters


I hope you guys are just pretending and not posing like this in real life.

Women love beauty and often like to take selfies to show off their beauty. However, not only the weak but also the men are extremely fond of virtual living, even deliberately copying the sister’s selfie pictures. Here are 16 of the best parody pictures that will make you laugh and cry with the masculinity of men.

  1. The sad face of a man when he realizes that there is no fear in the world like the fear of running out of money.

2. No matter how easy it is, you can also be a supermodel.

3. Although three rounds are like one, his sitting posture is as smooth as anyone else’s.

4. When three women gather, it will become a market, when the men gather, it will become a drinking party.

5. A man with a massive body and a fragile heart.

6. Once upon a time there were mermaids, now there are mermaid men.

7. Masculine appearance but girlish soul.

8. When the hair is not long enough, don’t worry, the beard is always by your side to help you.

9. Although she does not have a slim body, thanks to her artistic head, she is forgiven.

10. All is well except for the beard and hair on his body.

11. Who said pouty lips are the exclusive style of women, now is the era of gender equality.

12. He’s cute but not easy, thought hugging him was done.

13. Deliberately posing like a mermaid, unfortunately like a fat fairy.

14. Dare I say I’m not sexy

15. Once you have taken a selfie, you have to take a selfie with friends.

16. When the rhythm is up, the hunger must also step back.


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