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The goddess confused Ate in Greek mythology and the life-changing confusion of Zeus


Ate is just a minor god in Greek mythology, but it leads to troubles that make even the supreme Zeus a headache.

Of the goddesses born of Zeus, Ate is perhaps the most shunned. But everything has a reason for it. Ate not only caused confusion for mortals, but also confused his father, Zeus, to the point of calling for heaven.

Ate – Goddess of confusion and illusion

In Greek mythology, Ate is the goddess of confusion, illusion, and unreal fantasies. In many versions, Ate is considered the oldest daughter of Zeus. However, in other versions, Ate is said to be the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of discord Eris. However, regardless of his background, Ate still belongs to the ranks of gods who, despite having modest ability and strength, can make everyone from god to person suffer.

Ate makes Zeus very confused

Since Ate represents confusion, her ability affects even supreme gods like Zeus. This is evident in the story of the birth of Herakles recounted in Homer’s poetry in the Iliad.

The story goes that when Herakles was about to be born, Zeus was delighted because he would be the hero to help Olympus win the battle with the Gigantes. So, in order to help his son get glory on earth, Zeus declared to the gods and goddesses: “Whoever child of the line of Perseus is born first tonight will become the richest king. all over Greece.”

At that time, Zeus calculated that only the hero Perseus had only two descendants to be born, Herakles and Eurystheus, but Eurystheus was still not full-term so he could not be born immediately. So Herakles will definitely become king. However, sadly for Zeus, the goddess Hera was able to read this calculus in time, she let Ate help, causing Zeus to be confused and forget that the birth of any child is in the power of Hera and her child. Her daughter is the fertility goddess Eileithyia.

So Hera sweetly tricked Zeus into swearing to the River Styx that the child born of the line of Perseus would first be king of Greece, then with his daughter rushed to Eurytheus’ mother and son to help the boy born even in the 6th month of pregnancy. All of Zeus’ calculations went up in smoke when Herakles was born later than expected. At this time, the god woke up from his coma and remembered his daughter who specializes in spreading confusion. Immediately, the god grabbed Ate by the hair and threw her to the ceiling, cursing her not to return to Olympus.

Ate and the Battle of Troy

After descending to the ceiling, Ate fell down a hill and added confusion to the populace. Some time later, the ancestors of the people of Troy came to the hill Ate fell to build the famous citadel. But they did not expect that the closer they got to where Ate fell, the more serious the confusion would be. For generations, when the Troy-Greek war took place, the people of Troy continuously made disastrous mistakes and eventually perished because of the illusion that the wooden horse caused.


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