July 15

The girl took a selfie to celebrate the trip, unexpectedly gave birth to the second scariest photo on the Internet


Indiscriminate photos sometimes contain creepy details if you look closely at them!

Photographs are always a place to store people’s precious memories, so that every time we turn them over, we can relive that moment again. However, sometimes there are exceptions, after taking a photo, you want to delete it or even if it is possible, burn it immediately. That is exactly the experience of Filipino girl Katrina Paraiso and some netizens on the Reddit forum.

At that time, Katrina went to Japan to travel and in the middle of the night, she got excited to take a selfie. This is not surprising, for a young girl to explore another country, it is understandable to take as many souvenir photos as possible.

Katrina did not expect her work to produce one of the scariest photos on the Internet by the appearance of a mysterious little girl’s head when the image brightness was increased to maximum even though at that time, in the room was occupied by none other than Katrina.

This photo was later posted by Katrina on social networks and made many netizens panic, others scratched their hair and did not understand what was happening. Katrina insists she did not edit the photo and it is completely real. And to this day, the answer to the identity of the girl in Katrina’s photo remains a mystery.

The mysterious figure in the famous haunted house

Another creepy experience shared by user @thebrannenbros on Reddit taken at what is known as the most famous haunted house in America located in San Diego, California.

The owner of this place was James “Yankee Jim” Robinson, who hanged himself after his boat was stolen and since then, his spirit has been wandering in this house. Many visitors here claim to have seen the shadow of Mr. Robinson.

Intruders or supernatural phenomena?

Meanwhile, user @idobelievewerenaked on Reddit also “contributed” with a few other chilling photos. At first glance, they were nothing special until this person explained the situation and asked everyone to pay attention to the window area on the ground floor. It can be seen that when zooming in close to the window, a dark figure appears even though there was no one in the house at that time.

This can be explained by one of two hypotheses: one is that someone broke into the house, the other is that a supernatural phenomenon has occurred here. Either way, the picture is still terrifying.

Weird hand.

The photo below shows the late female MC Peaches Geldof while she was bathing her son in December 2013. After reviewing the photo, Geldof noticed the presence of a mysterious hand. The female MC posted it online with the caption: “A close-up of the ghostly hand in the picture of Astala and me in the bathtub. It’s not my hand – one of my hands went around my son’s waist to hold him. baby and the other hand holding the camera. The other hand appeared on one side of my shoulder and that angle can’t be my hand. It’s horrible!”.


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