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The game characters with the darkest plot in history


Just like movies or novels, game characters can also be frustrating for players because the settings and character building are extremely confusing.

The game characters listed below have all made gamers frustrated because of the absurd and unconvincing construction.

Alice: Madness Return – Dollmaker/Angus Bumby

The game is based on the work Alice in Wonderland. The world of Wonderland in Alice’s imagination was destroyed by psychological trauma, after her family died in a fire. The second game was destroyed by the Infernal Train controlled by Dollmaker. He kidnaps the inhabitants of Wonderland and turns them into horror dolls.

The Dollmaker represents Alice’s psychiatrist, Angus Bumby, who tries to destroy her spirit (and thereby destroy Wonderland). He uses his job to reach out to children in order to abuse them and then sell them to perverts. Dollmaker once abused Alice’s sister Lizzie before setting fire to murder the whole family. Alice defeated Dollmaker on the Infernal Train before confronting Bumby in the real world and pushing him down the track.

Mother: Giygas/Giegue

As an alien child, Giygas was taken care of by the couple Maria and George (who were kidnapped by Giygas’ race). This race has telepathic powers, which George has secretly learned. He eventually managed to escape back to Earth, leaving Maria and Giygas behind and presumably teaching the ability to others (Mother’s main characters all have similar powers).

As he grew up, Giygas was forced by his people to destroy the Earth and kill the Maria-George couple, so that they could not reveal the alien’s secret. Giygas is defeated by Ninten, but Maria and George are dead.

Guilt and frustration have increased Giygas’ power to an astounding extent, causing him to attain cosmic powers, transforming him into the terror encountered at the end of Mother 2/Earthbound. This horror represents the pain Giygas experienced and his desire to return home. Both Ninten and Ness defeat Giygas thanks to Maria’s lullaby, which reminds him of his love for Earth.) In another reality, Giygas’ pain was so great that it caused him to kill himself.

Outlast: Eddie Gluskin

Most of the people playing this game are men and play as Waylon Park. Eddie Gluskin makes the player feel like a woman being stalked by a killer. Gluskin not only pressed herself against the window and whispered inciting Park, but also wanted to manipulate, cut off Park’s genitals and make him her bride. He often referred to Park as a woman.

Part of Park’s body is seen on the screen and has jagged marks. Upon escaping this trap, Park was forced to flee from Gluskin with a broken leg. Park eventually defeats Gluskin with one of his traps, and his last words to Park are “we can all be pretty…”

Resident Evil 7: Eveline

Eveline is a little girl created with the purpose of becoming a weapon for an organization like the Illuminati. When Eveline tried to escape, she discovered that her creators had regularly given her a super potion that would prevent her body from rapidly aging and turning into a different form.

With her body and mind falling apart, Eveline desperately clings to an adoptive family. However, she does not understand the maintenance of a family, other than controlling their minds with the ability to manipulate zombies as a biological weapon. Eveline had absolutely no awareness of the right and wrong of what she did. In the end, she was murdered by a rival organization with a chemical drug that eats away at her skin.


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