May 6

The Doraemon series and the Nobi family are for the cat fan club


Not only brings a beautiful childhood, Doraemon also brings refreshing moments for everyone.

Doraemon is a Japanese manga by Fujiko Fujio author that was created in 1969 with the original purpose of children. The series is about a mechanical cat from the 22nd century to help a clumsy boy named Nobita.

Since its inception until now, Doraemon is not only considered as the leading character and comic book in Japan, it has also become a cultural symbol of this country and is popular with children in many countries. world favorites.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the robot cat and friends are always the inspiration for the painters, and the fan named Masser from Japan is such a person. This guy has done extremely beautiful and dreamy paintings, just like what painter Fujiko Fujio has ever done.

Let’s see the paintings of the Japanese artist below:


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