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The details show that Jaian is the one who “carries the team” in the Doraemon squad.


The details show that Jaian is the one who “carries the team” in the Doraemon lineup.

Although often judged as a bad guy and likes to bully his friends, in fact Jaian still has many good qualities.

Speaking of Doraemon, we all remember a group of friends who are happy, sociable and equally bleak. Everyone has a unique personality, good has, bad has, but they are all indispensable pieces, a part of the childhood of millions of children around the world of course including me. And today, we’re going to turn around a little bit, not the Nobita I want to talk about Jaian. It is always confirmed that this is the character with the most virtues in the Cat May comic, even cut off, many times more than Doraemon and Nobita combined.

Perhaps you are too used to a fat, aggressive, grumpy Jaian … always bullying the main character Nobita. But is the truth completely like that? Let’s take a look at Jaian’s cool points.

  1. Chaien always protects his friends
    Jaian in the eyes of everyone is a hot-tempered, bully and abusive person. However, that only seems to be his outburst. When necessary, the boy still returns to help all his friends with all his might, no matter whether it is relatives or strangers. Specifically, in the book Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur, Jaian rejected Suneo’s opinion to return with the team to rescue Pisuke.

At times, Jaian wouldn’t even be afraid to risk his life, if it was really necessary in a tight situation. This is also Jaian’s precious quality, courageous, not afraid of anything in the world (except for his mother and teachers), with a high sense of responsibility, always dedicated to protecting his friends, making his friends remember him. . In the Doraemon series, Jaian is always the last one to let his friends escape safely, such a sacrifice is worth it for many people to be idolized.

  1. Live responsibly, and know how to help mothers from a young age

If anyone who has read the story will know, the Jaian family has a small shop. Outside of school time, taking care of her, Jaian often helps her mother look after the store. At a young age, while his friends were only worried about sleeping (Nobita is a typical example, his mother urged her to eat, not even sad), Jaian did all kinds of things in the house. This alone I have admired our fat guy.

3. Self-reliant, not relying on

Throughout the whole series, we are used to Nobita crying, begging Doraemon for petty revenge, peeping on cards, spoofing, lying to his mother to go out … Bad habits that no child should know. and follow. What about Jaian: take care of everything by yourself, anyone who speaks badly will eat it, even his best friend Suneo, who dares to speak badly behind his back, is full of blow. What’s going on?

In terms of academic performance, Jaian was poor at school, probably only better than Nobita in class and also scored 0. But Jaian did not turn around, didn’t peek at his friends, knew about fear and listened to his teacher. And above all, Jaian does not rely entirely on others like Nobita all day hugging Doraemon.


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