July 22

The 18+ little beauty shared her first story, shocking with the statement that she wanted to “experience” with all male colleagues


Karen Kaede has made a revelation that surprised all the fans.

Karen was born in 1997, joined the entertainment industry in September 2018 as a gravure model. By the end of 2018, she decided to switch to the adult film industry when she joined IdeaPocket company on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of this company.

Right from the moment she joined, she has impressed as much as her seniors by her extremely impressive beauty. Many people are not afraid to compare that her beauty in a certain perspective is quite similar to Trieu Vy, completed years ago. Possessing a slim and beautiful body like a model, Karen is quickly listed by many fans in the ranks of the new generation of beauties of the 18+ film industry.

However, what makes Karen Kaede unique is not only her beauty, but also her expression. There are very few times when we see the girls show a lot of childish expressions, “undermining” themselves on social networks, and Karen does not hesitate to show it to others.

In an interview, Karen Kaede revealed a few things related to her current job. Accordingly, the girl born in 1999 was cleared by the studio, Idea Pocket, to be released on the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment. This is what makes Karen more public than her seniors, she herself considers this an honor and she is very happy with it.

About memories, after the first few movies, Karen was stress free and could sleep well every time she came back. She really felt shaky and insecure when appearing in front of the camera at first, but after a while, she got used to it, even though the work was quite hard because it lasted from early morning to late at night.

The thing that makes her feel the most interesting is the fact that she is “experienced” with each different male co-worker. It was different for everyone, so she wanted to try them all before coming to a conclusion. However, at the present time, she still prefers her “big, full” male colleagues than the rest.

She also revealed that although she is an 18+ actress and has seen a lot of other people’s products, Karen doesn’t like to watch her own productions. She felt quite embarrassed doing this, once turned it on and then had to turn it off by herself. Currently, what she is interested in are the series about handsome guys who have feelings for each other. This makes Karen feel curious and addicted all the time.


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