August 9

The 18+ beauty revealed the reason for giving up being a teacher and continuing to pursue an acting career.


Not everyone can make a somewhat strange decision like Mei Miyajima, she used to only intend to act in 18+ movies within 100 days.

Mei Miyajima, born in 2000, is from Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. The 21-year-old girl has a beautiful face, a waist-strapped body, but with a full bust. Mei was introduced by the management company Soft on Demand as “a precious gem, selected from a thousand candidates” to become a new generation AV star.

Before that, Mei was studying in the second year of university, majoring in nursing. Her dream is to be able to study abroad, so that she can learn more about pediatric nursing. However, the girl decided to shoot 180 degrees and decided to become the new AV star of SOD company within 100 days. According to statistics from the chart, Mei Miyajima ranked 87th among the most popular 18+ actors in 2020.

Recently, Mei Miyajima had a small interview to talk about her life after becoming an 18+ actress. Originally intended to retire after 2 works, but Mei Miyajima ended up “turning the wheel”, becoming a real 18+ actor. It is known that the main reason for this was the impact of the epidemic that made her change her mind and decide to continue pursuing a career as an AV actress.

According to Mei’s share, her decision caused a lot of controversy among fans. There are people who continue to support her in pursuing this particular profession, but there are also mixed opinions that she “does color” and if you want to quit, then quit. However, these opinions are few and do not affect her decision.

The girl born in 2000 also said that returning to this “new but old” job also brings a completely different feeling. If before, people didn’t place much emphasis on her, but now, things are completely different. Mei was asked to listen and learn more. In addition, she also has to review her own products with the director so that she can seriously “learn and improve”.

Next, Mei Miyajima also thanked the fans. Previously, Mei herself was not sure that she would be liked so much, she just considered herself an ordinary girl compared to many other prominent names It was thanks to their passionate support that she have the courage to continue pursuing this profession. This will help her continue to try harder in the future.


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