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The 18+ beauties shocked when she shared “regarding her biological mother as a stranger” at the beginning of her career


Mana Sakura shared about her childhood and the reason why she was quite indifferent to family relationships when entering the 18+ field.

Mana Sakura is currently one of the most talented and complete beauties of the Japanese adult film industry. Not only has a beautiful appearance, bright acting, this 28-year-old actress is also known as a singer, presenter and most especially as a writer, also has works was turned into a movie.

In terms of understanding the Japanese AV industry, perhaps no one knows more than Mana Sakura when up to the present time, this is the 10th year the hot girl has been attached to this industry. However, not everyone knows what her life is like in the light of showbiz.

In a recent interview with Dress, Mana Sakura revealed that her parents divorced when she was still in high school. Despite having a teenage daughter as the middleman and easing tensions, the two had irreparable conflicts and broke up later.

Mana herself also said this had a huge impact on her life, making her completely independent, separated from her parents. She chooses to live alone in the dormitory and focus fully on her own work.

This seclusion makes Mana quite isolated, she has worked in silence and independently since childhood. According to the description, Mana’s room at that time only had 1 table – 1 chair – 1 bed – 1 small closet that could hold 3 sets of clothes. No more, no less.

Mana’s family is not too rich, but well-off enough for the young girl to learn all the necessary knowledge of a housewife. Mana at that time studied calligraphy, ballet, swimming, dancing, communicating in English… However, Mana didn’t have many friends, because her nature was quiet and rather quiet. Therefore, Mana loves calligraphy the most, because it is a way for her to “purify her soul”.

The early separation of her parents also affected Mana Sakura’s career choice. She did not talk about her filming AV to anyone, including family or close friends. Mana even said that at that time, she looked at it from the point of view of “it’s not a mother, it’s just someone”. The girl born in 1993 also thinks that her acting in AV does not affect her mother.

Of course, not having her family around had a decisive effect on Eroya, making her feel better, but she herself didn’t know if it was good or bad.

Although he still has a relationship with his parents to some extent at the moment, it doesn’t seem to matter much to Mana anymore. Her mother’s reaction after hearing this news was… surprise, instead of shock or anger like other parents.

In her eyes, Mana was a kid with no interest in anything, so her interest in AV was quite a surprise. The two had a conversation with each other, but mainly about future goals and ways of life, not exactly mother-death.

In the past, Mana’s mother was a rather emotional person and dominated many things of her daughter, in the eyes of the girl born in 1993, it was even a bit toxic. It had a pretty big influence on the formation of her personality.

Now, the two still communicate and talk to each other, but always live independently. Eroya herself considers that she and her mother have a relationship like “a sister, a friend”, in a neutral sense, not bad, not good. She still learns a lot from her mother in life and work.


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