July 31

The 18+ beauties shared the story for the first time on the picture, revealing the clothes “didn’t dare to wear again”


Miu Shiromine decided to choose the 18+ industry, because it meets the conditions of “famous” and “less market”.

Miu Shiromine was born in 1997, is currently one of the actresses under the management of One’s Double company, currently working for Idea Pocket studio. Like her senior Yua Mikami, she officially entered the 18+ industry at the end of 2020 and immediately gained great traction in the period of late 2020, early 2021.

With a height of 170 cm with standard measurements of 90 – 60 – 94 cm, the girl born in 1997 has initially entered the entertainment industry with the position of gravure idol and recently decided to switch to the human film industry. big. Right in the past January 2020, she climbed to 4th place on the chart, right after her senior born in 1993.

Possessing such a body, it is no wonder that since childhood, Miu has always wanted to become a model, to appear in fashion magazines. However, her parents always prevent their children because they think showbiz is a place full of pitfalls. But that could not falter the dream of being famous, Miu decided to choose the 18+ industry, because it meets the conditions of “famous” and “less market”.

Miu once really wanted to become an entertainer like Kyoko Fukada, actress and singer. Currently, if she had to choose a name in the same industry, she would choose the idols to study with, Asuka Kirara and Yua Mikami. In the first time acting, she realized that this job is more fun than she thought and also very interesting. It is also possible to do more different expressions, unlike in swimsuit photography.

According to Shiromine, she originally intended to sleep deeply and mentally prepare for the first day of filming comfortably. However, she ended up getting too stressed out and ended up tossing and turning all night. When she was filming, she couldn’t even remember what she said in front of the camera.

In addition, she also shared about the costumes appearing in 18+ movies. Basically, these outfits are designed to be maximally sexy and show off all the curves of the girls’ bodies. This made Miu Shiromine feel awkward and very uncomfortable. She herself said that, if not required by her profession, she herself would never touch these bikinis.

The 18+ experiences are really interesting with Miu Shiromine, that’s what she thought after finishing the first product. Besides, she also wants to try everything, because the first feeling is always the best feeling.


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