June 7

Strange mysteries in the world of Pokémon make many fans wonder forever without an answer


The world of Pokémon is really impressive, but to solve all the mysteries, it may be a long time before we understand it.

  1. What will the inside of the Pokeball look like?

This is perhaps the greatest unsolved mystery ever. Such a tiny Pokeball ball, what can it contain? How can it “fit” from tiny Caterpie worms to giant super monsters like Snorlax or Wailord whale inside without any trouble?

In addition, when in a Pokéball, what does our Pokémon do? Do they sleep or act like humans, or do they store energy to be ready for battle at all times? This is probably a question that still remains unanswered.

  1. Why do Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny look the same everywhere?

On the anime or in the Pokémon game, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny both have the same appearance, even almost as if this is the product of copy – paste. No matter which town you go to, the player will meet the same NPCs, just like from the outside in. This makes many people wonder, is the technology that the Pokémon world can create even better than the legendary Mewtwo long ago?

  1. Ash and Pikachu are really “telepathic”?

Come on, what Ash said and Pikachu understood was a very illogical thing. With only 3 syllables of Pikachu, the golden electric mouse can convey all emotions, words, even battle tactics to Ash and vice versa. This is obviously confusing, but it is still considered “fortunate”, because everything has always been like that, no one wants to explain it anymore.

  1. Why does Team Rocket’s Meowth speak human language?

A Meowth is inherently very rare with the ability to help the owner earn a lot of money, but the Meowth of Team Rocket also has the ability to talk and think like us. Agree that there are other rare cases like Slowking or Mewtwo but they are a different type. Don’t forget that there is an episode shown, Meowth of Team Rocket teaches himself how to talk, this Pokemon’s IQ is “not simple”.

  1. What exactly do people do at Pokemon Centers?

Every town has 1 Pokemon Centers, roughly like a veterinary hospital… no, a hospital for Pokemon. But what’s more contemplative is what exactly did they do at Pokemon Centers? Pokemon can die, this is undeniable. However, when a Bulbasaur is blown to “ripe” on fire, or a Charmander turns off all the flames in its tail and takes them to Pokemon Centers, they can come back to life like nothing happened?


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