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Stand by Me 2 has not been released yet, Doraemon hard fans have named 5 episodes to get the audience’s tears


Besides the humorous Doraemon episodes as well as the dream of an advanced future with a treasure that can solve human problems, the audience encountered many meaningful touching moments.

Doraemon is one of the anime series associated with the childhood of many generations of readers in many countries around the world. Each episode revolves around an issue or story of Nobita and friends.

  1. Gravity Paint

Borrowing the story of Doraemon’s treasure, the filmmakers conveyed a positive message about life. Little boy Nobita always complains about his bad luck, just like normal people having a bad day in their life. However, the life that Nobita lamented turned out to be the dream many children wanted.

  1. Memories of Grandma

Episode 393 is probably one of the few good episodes right from the original. The content of the episode only revolves around Nobita using Doraemon’s treasure to return to the past, meeting his grandmother again. Many viewers said they felt like they were the characters in the story. Appreciate the moments we have now with our loved ones, don’t lose them and then regret them.

  1. Come back to life, Pero

Episode 225 is an episode about the bond between boys and girls with their pets. Shizuka had a dog named Pero, she had raised it since she was a baby, but then the dog got sick and died. Grieving over the loss of her four-legged friend, Shizuka asked Nobita to resurrect the dog. For viewers who have ever owned a pet or just experienced the loss of a dog or cat in the house, the emotion this episode brings is unforgettable.

  1. The day I was born

Conflicts between parents and children are common in life. Sometimes, disagreements in life views, ideals… will make children hate their parents or think that they are not loved by their parents. However, with details for Nobita to witness the joyful mood, love and great expectations that parents have for their children, the episode conveys a message of sharing and understanding between generations in the world. family.

  1. Super dog Chuken-pa

Another episode explores the theme of the relationship between humans and pets. Chuken-pa is a robot dog loyal to Nobita. Because of his loyalty, Chuken-pa reacts quite aggressively to those who displease his master, which leads Nobita to misunderstand Chuken-pa as a fierce, disobedient dog. The two got lost during a walk in the forest. Chuken-pa tries to find his master. The story is simple but has a good message, that to raise an animal, you need to have tolerance and patience to explain and train them to be less aggressive. As long as a good owner patiently teaches, the pet will also know how to behave and react appropriately to the surrounding environment.


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