May 20

Shock: True Ending Attack On Titan chap 139 as rumored, Titan still exists, Mikasa “not intact”


Information about 8 additional story pages in Attack On Titan chapter 139 has been confirmed to be true, giving readers a terrible shock.

As we all know, a few days ago, the Attack On Titan fan community around the world had a “boiling blood” when rumors appeared that Attack On Titan chapter 139 will have 8 additional story pages, bringing to a whole new ending.

After days of causing “indignation” to readers, the rumor was finally verified to be true. Attack On Titan chapter 139 released in Vol.34 will add 8 more pages to the story, bringing the true end to this controversial manga. The basic content of these 8 additional pages has the following contents:

After the scene where Eren turns into a bird and puts a shawl on Mikasa, the story moves forward several years later. Mikasa still regularly visits Eren’s grave and places roses on his grave. In one scene, Mikasa hugs a child visiting the grave and her companion is Jean. Her hand does not wear a wedding ring and the family crest has not been passed on to anyone. On Mikasa’s neck is still the scarf Eren gave her every day, she still wears it in memory of her former lover.

As time goes by, the characters are getting older and older. Together they visit Eren’s grave. From a distance, the forest has become a bustling town with high-rise buildings that look like Marley. The story continues with hundreds of years passing. Humanity is progressing with countless new technologies. The island of Paradis once again fell into war as before. In the sky, planes drop bombs on the city, destroying everything. Only the tree branch where Eren was buried remains intact. Some time later, a child came to this tree. The stump is now as big as the place where Ymir fell and gained the power of the Ancestor. The loop and the great Titan war take place once again. At this point, the 8 additional pages of Attack On Titan chapter 139 also end.

So as rumored a few days ago, the iteration of the Titan war continues. The boy at the end of Attack On Titan chapter 139 will probably continue to repeat the path that Eren went. What do you think about the 8 additional pages of Attack On Titan chapter 139? Please leave your comments!


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