May 3

Shock: 14 “antimatter” objects lurk in Earth’s galaxy


Map of the Earth galaxy with 14 stars made of antimatter marked

The Science Alert reports that in a new analysis based on a gamma-ray sky map, astrophysicists have identified 14 mysterious “antistars”, which are stars made of antimatter – objects. the assumption that science is always looking for.

The research team led by Dr. Simon Dupourqué from the Institute of Astrophysics and Planets in France said that the aforementioned objects exhibit “consistent” characteristics with expectations of a hypothetical material called antagonism. material. They behave quite like ordinary stars, but instead of interstellar dust-like matter deposited on the celestial surface, they are destroyed.

This will produce excess gamma rays in antimatter objects, called “destructive gamma-ray bumps”, from which they are detected.

The gamma-ray map of the entire Mily Way (Milky Way) galaxy created by 10-year data from the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope revealed the aforementioned 14 strange objects, refined from 5,787 sources doubt.

The publication in the scientific journal Physical Review D confirmed that antimatter stars are extremely rare, in 2.5 million new ones have 1. An unexplained great mystery that antimatter exists as how they are around matter. Matter and antimatter would annihilate each other, so even though the antimatter star is capable of swallowing matter, it is also easily destroyed by matter.

Scientists are still working to uncover the secret of antimatter, as well as hoping to eliminate the danger that they might be just pulsars or black holes.


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